Users Monitoring Best Practices

Top 10 Privileged Users Monitoring Best Practices – 2023

Privileged users typically hold crucial positions within organizations. They usually have elevated access, authority, and permission levels in the organization's IT systems, networks, applications, and critical data. That’s why they may pose risks to...
best Secure Web Gateway

10 Best Secure Web Gateway Vendors in 2024

Introduction : A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is essential to any modern network infrastructure to protect users from online threats and enforce network-wide security regulations. By filtering and monitoring online traffic, it is possible to restrict...
Malware Protection Solutions

20 Best Malware Protection Solutions in 2023

Malware protection solutions are combined of Antivirus Software, Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP), Anti-Malware Software, Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), Internet Security Suites, Network-based Malware Protection, and Browser Extensions to defend against the cyber threats that target...
Vulnerability Management Tools

12 Best Vulnerability Management Tools 2024

Introduction : Vulnerability Management Tools play a significant role in detecting, analyzing, and patching vulnerabilities in web and network-based applications. Vulnerability, risk, and threat are the most common words used when it comes to security....
Cyber Attack Simulation

Top 10 Best Cyber Attack Simulation Tools – 2024

Introduction : Cyberattack is not at all a distant threat. Any organization can be its target. This type of cyber attack simulation is a method of computer security testing. These identify the vulnerabilities and attack the...
Mobile App Security Scanners

10 Best Mobile App Security Scanners to Detect Vulnerability in Applications 2024

Introduction : In this era, mobile technology and smartphone are trendy terms often used. 90% of the population holds a smartphone in their hands. Their purpose is not only to “call” other parties but to use...
types Malware Attack

10 Different Types of Most Dangerous Malware Attack in 2024

Introduction : Today's topic is basically about types of malware, yes, it's malicious software that is basically designated to damage, impair, or exploit computers or computer systems. Thus we can say that it is a...
best business vpn

Best VPN For Business in 2023

VPN for Business or Best Business VPN is commonly used to securely connect remote workers to the company's network, protect sensitive data, and maintain confidentiality. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure and encrypted...
Best SASE vendors

Best SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) Solutions – 2023

SASE is an emerging architecture integrating network security and wide-area networking (WAN) features into a unified cloud-based solution. SASE solutions promise to give modern enterprises comprehensive security, improved performance, and easier network management. Traditional security methodologies...
AWS Security Tools

Top 10 Best AWS Security Tools – 2024

Introduction : To store the data with high standard security, there several AWS security tools are available to manage, scan, and audit the data that's been stored. AWS is nothing but Amazon Web Services, which...

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