Best DevOps Tools

Top 10 Best DevOps Tools to Shift Your Security  in 2024

Introduction: DevOps refers to a collection of processes and technologies used in software development and IT operations that reduce the system development life cycle and enable continuous delivery. However, when time and resources are limited, security...
Single Sign-On Solutions

10 Best Single Sign-On (SSO) Solutions – 2024

Introduction : Single Sign-On, as the name suggests, is about signing in on no app and signing in on different types of apps without authenticating on other apps. Managing and changing passwords regularly is a job,...
Enterprise Remote Access Software

Top 11 Best Enterprise Remote Access Software – 2023

Enterprise Remote access software is an incredible innovation that eliminates the need for physical presence by allowing for the remote management and operation of computers and other electronic devices. Remote work, technical support, and effective...
Top 20 Most Exploited Vulnerabilities – Hackers are Particularly Drawn to Microsoft’s Products

Top 20 Most Exploited Vulnerabilities: Microsoft Products Draw Hackers

Finding and patching the open vulnerabilities in today's threat landscape is one of the utmost priorities for security researchers and analysts. Identifying weaponized high-risk CVEs actively targeted by Threat Actors and ransomware in the vast...
Best DDoS Protection Tools

Top 10 Best DDoS Protection Tools & Services – 2024

Introduction: A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to interrupt the regular traffic of a targeted server, service, or network by flooding the target or the area around it with Internet traffic. HTTP DDoS...
Top 10 Best Practices for Cybersecurity Professionals to Securing Your Database

Top 10 Best Practices for Cybersecurity Professionals to Secure Your Database

In today’s digital landscape, databases are the fortresses where an organization’s most valuable data assets are stored and managed. However, these digital vaults are constantly under siege by cyber threats. As a cybersecurity professional, your...
Best VPN Alternatives

10 Best VPN Alternative Solutions in 2024

Introduction : Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are often used to connect to the internet in a safe, encrypted way. They let users connect to remote networks or hide what they do online. But as technology...
ZTNA Solutions

10 Best ZTNA Solutions (Zero Trust Network Access) in 2024

Introduction : ZTNA Solutions fundamental function is to grant users authorized access to resources and apps based on their identification and device rather than their physical location or network. Granular access controls, rigorous authentication, and continuous...
Users Monitoring Best Practices

Top 10 Privileged Users Monitoring Best Practices – 2023

Privileged users typically hold crucial positions within organizations. They usually have elevated access, authority, and permission levels in the organization's IT systems, networks, applications, and critical data. That’s why they may pose risks to...
best Secure Web Gateway

10 Best Secure Web Gateway Vendors in 2024

Introduction : A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is essential to any modern network infrastructure to protect users from online threats and enforce network-wide security regulations. By filtering and monitoring online traffic, it is possible to restrict...

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