JokerSpy macOS Malware

JokerSpy – Multi-Stage macOS Malware Attacking Organisation Worldwide

MacOS is reported to be one of the most security Operating Systems. As of the beginning of 2023, there are over 100 million macOS devices worldwide. Due to its popularity, threat actors have begun...
Migraine macOS

‘Migraine’ Flaw Let Hackers Bypass macOS Security Integrity

A recently discovered vulnerability called "Migraine" is linked to macOS migration and poses a serious threat.  It enables attackers with root privileges to circumvent System Integrity Protection (SIP) on macOS, granting them unrestricted control over...
Atomic macOS Malware

Atomic macOS Malware Steals Auto-fills, Passwords, Cookies, Wallets

Recently, the cybersecurity researchers at Cyble discovered a new macOS malware, 'Atomic' (aka 'AMOS'), sold for $1,000/month on private Telegram channels. Buyers pay a high price to receive a DMG file containing a 64-bit Go-based...
Ransomware on MacOS

First-Ever Ransomware Found to be Attacking macOS

LockBit ransomware gang targets Macs with its newly-developed encryptors for the first time, making them potentially the first significant ransomware group to aim at macOS. Ransomware attacks are widespread. However, creating malware versions for targeting...
macOS-Based Malware

MacStealer – New macOS-Based Malware Steals Passwords, Cookies & Credit Cards From Browser

Uptycs threat research team recently discovered "MacStealer," a new information-stealing malware designed to target Apple's macOS operating system. It aims to steal various sensitive information, including credentials stored in the:-  iCloud KeyChain Web browsers Cryptocurrency wallets Potentially sensitive...
Pirated macOS Apps

Hackers Using Pirated macOS Apps to Deploy Evasive Malware

Security researchers at Jamf Threat Labs team have recently uncovered a sneaky cryptomining operation aimed at macOS users.  The attackers are using a fraudulent version of the popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro, which...
Mac Security Tips to Protect Your Privacy

Mac Security Tips to Protect Your Privacy

If you're anything like most people, you use your computer for work, school, entertainment and other activities. But the fact is that your computer can be a tracking device, revealing all your personal information...
Install Rootkits

New Shrootless Bug Allow Hackers To Bypass SIP & Install Rootkits in macOS

Microsoft recently discovered a new macOS vulnerability dubbed as "Shrootless", this vulnerability allows threat actors to bypass SIP (System Integrity Protection) and install rootkits in macOS. In macOS, SIP (System Integrity Protection) is one of...
Unpatched MacOS Vulnerability Let Hackers Take Over The Apple Systems Remotely

Unpatched MacOS Vulnerability Let Hackers Take Over The Apple Systems Remotely

An unpatched vulnerability in macOS Finder has been detected that could be exploited to deceive users into running arbitrary commands on the compromised machines by remote threat actors.  To execute arbitrary commands, the vulnerability which...
Recovering Mac’s Speed Successfully – Increase the Mac Performance

Recovering Mac’s Speed Successfully – Increase the Mac Performance

Mac computers are expensive because they feature many useful functions, and they are fast compared to many Windows devices. Of course, when you buy a new Mac, you always expect it to be very...

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