Zero-Days for Hacking WhatsApp Are Now Worth Millions of Dollars

Zero-Day WhatsApp Hacking Vulnerabilities Worth Millions

Securing the devices running iOS and Android operating systems is now costly due to improved defenses.  According to a recent report by TechCrunch, there has been a surge in the demand for zero-day exploits that...
1800 Android and iOS Apps

Over 1800 Android and iOS Apps Leaking Hardcoded AWS Credentials

The cybersecurity researchers at Symantec have recently warned of the risks related to poor security practices, pointing out that it found hardcoded credentials for AWS in more than 1,800 Android and iOS applications. Almost all...
SharkBot Trojan on Google Play

SharkBot Trojan Spreading via Fake Antivirus Apps on Google Play

Security analysts at Check Point Research (CPR) team have recently revealed that there have been a number of malicious Android apps masquerading as antivirus solutions that have been used to spread the SharkBot banking...
Finland Warns Of New Android Malware That Steals Banking Details

Finland Warns Of New Android Malware Stealing Banking Logins

Watch out for harmful Finnish SMS, which tricks Android device users into loading banking malware by dialing a spoofed service number. It is directed at online banking systems to steal money, whereas iPhones are unaffected.  Delete...
Leaked Cellebrite Docs Reveal List of Phones That Can Be Unlocked

Leaked Cellebrite Tool Docs Reveal List of Phones That Can Be Unlocked

Confidential documents from mobile forensics company Cellebrite, recently obtained and verified by 404 Media, provide a rare glimpse into the capabilities and limitations of phone unlocking technology used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Cellebrite DI...
Malware Stealing Banking Passwords

PixPirate Android Malware Stealing Banking Passwords From Browsers

With the introduction of Pix, an instant payment platform developed and managed by the monetary authority of Brazil, the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), which enables the quick execution of payments and transfers. It currently counts over...
Android 11

Android 11 to come with auto-resets Permissions for Unused Android Apps

A maximum of users spends time with their smartphones. Sometimes they are working, connecting with friends, playing games, etc. this has become their primary gateway for digital lives. To work correctly, the app needs...
New Rooting Malware Distributed on Google Play That Evade Detection & Attack Android Devices

New Rooting Malware Distributed on Google Play That Evade Detection & Attack Android Devices

A new rooting malware has been detected recently by the security researchers at the Lookout Threat Lab, and this new flaw is distributed on several third-party app stores, even on the Google Play Store...
Strandhogg 2.0

New Android Bug Strandhogg 2.0 Affects all Devices Running Android 9.0 and Earlier

Recently, the security researchers at Promon have identified a new dangerous elevation of privilege vulnerability in Android that allows the attackers to gain access to almost all applications installed on the device. According to the...
Sophisticated Version of Android Spyware

Hackers Use New Sophisticated Version of Android Spyware to Conduct Mobile Surveillance

Researchers at ESET found a new version of the Android malware ‘FurBall’ targeting Iranian citizens in mobile surveillance campaigns conducted by the Domestic Kitten hacking group, also called APT-C-50. Earlier in June 2021, reports say...

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