Broadcom’s CEO showcases VMware’s initial 100-day achievements

VMware has completed its first 100 days under Broadcom’s wing, beginning a transformative journey toward becoming the world’s leading infrastructure technology company.

This period has seen substantial progress, with strategic changes to enhance customer value, simplify operations, and foster innovation.

A Strategic Overhaul for Enhanced Customer Value

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware culminated an 18-month meticulous evaluation process that identified key areas for growth and improvement.


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Since the acquisition’s closure in late November, decisive actions have been taken to overhaul VMware’s software portfolio, go-to-market approach, and organizational structure.

A significant shift has been the transition from selling perpetual software licenses to a subscription-only model, which aligns with industry standards and accelerates a business model transition initiated in 2019.

This transformation, while ambitious, has understandably generated concerns among customers and partners.

However, these changes are strategically aimed at innovating faster, effectively meeting customer needs, and simplifying business interactions.

The ultimate goal is to enhance profitability and open up improved market opportunities for partners.

Broadcom recently shared an update on Twitter about its acquisition of VMware, highlighting their progress in the first 100 days.

Investing in Innovation: A Billion-Dollar Commitment

Broadcom has pledged a $1 billion investment in innovation, underscoring its commitment to advancing technology and meeting its customers’ evolving needs.

This investment is a testament to both companies’ innovation legacy. VMware’s software powers mission-critical workloads for major brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Broadcom recently published a report highlighting the progress made in the first 100 days of the VMware Broadcom merger.

The report outlines the step-by-step process of creating an industry-leading infrastructure technology company.

VMware Cloud Foundation: A Platform for Agility, Innovation, and Resiliency

The VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is at the forefront of this new era, designed to address customers’ critical priorities of agility, innovation, and resiliency.

VCF is a fully modernized platform for cloud infrastructure, offering software-defined computing, networking, storage, and management in a unified product.

Its integrated nature allows customers to leverage the full value of VMware’s technology, achieving a cloud operating model that combines public cloud scale and agility with private cloud security and resiliency, all at a lower cost of ownership.

To make VCF more accessible, VMware has halved the price of the previous subscription list and enhanced support service levels.

Enhancing the VCF Platform

Three distinct product portfolios further bolster VCF:

  • Tanzu: Accelerates application development, delivery, and management of container workloads.
  • Application Networking and Security: Integrates distributed firewall, threat intelligence, and load balancing.
  • Software-Defined Edge: Extends public cloud capabilities to the edge.

The first 100 days have laid a strong foundation for VMware’s journey as part of Broadcom, with much more anticipated in the future. 

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