Britain’s Postal Service

An incident involving a cyber attack has caused severe service disruptions at Royal Mail, the British postal service and courier company. In the absence of any further details, it is not known what the nature of the incident was. 

The company assured us that they would give an update as soon as they have more information regarding the cause of this disruption, and are actively working to resolve this interruption.


Cyber Attack on Royal Mail 

There has been a limited disruption to Royal Mail’s international export services, however, it is resulting in Royal Mail being unable to despatch items to overseas destinations for the time being.

Customers were cautioned not to attempt to send anything overseas while the problem was being resolved, although no estimation was provided as to how long the issue might take to resolve.

An investigation into the incident was conducted by the company’s regulators, as well as the appropriate security authorities.

There is a possibility that items posted already may be delayed, as the company warned in its notification. In order to make amends for any disruption caused by this incident, Britain’s Royal Mail sincerely apologizes to any impacted customers who may have been affected by it.

Henry VIII is commonly credited with founding the Royal Mail in 1516. In 2013, the company was privatized after years of being state-owned. 

The Royal Mail of Britain, which is a division of International Distribution Services Plc (IDSI.L) stated the following:-

“We are working with external experts to investigate the incident and had also reported it to regulators and security authorities.”

In 2021, the company reported revenues of approximately £12.6 billion ($15.2 billion) on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). 

In spite of the fact that it used to be part of the FTSE 100, it was demoted to the FTSE 250 last year due to its market capitalization falling outside the top 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

There are some minor delays to Royal Mail’s imports and other services as a result of the recent storms. An increasing number of high-profile cyber incidents have occurred in Britain in the last couple of years, making this the latest in the series.

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