Ransomware Gangs

Joe Biden the president of the United States, has conducted a meeting over the telephone with Vladimir Putin, his Russian counterpart. Biden asked Putin to take some major steps against the cybercriminal groups that are conducting cyberattacks of ransomware from Russia.

This cybercriminal group is also responsible for the latest computer attacks on American soil, and due to that many small and medium-sized North American companies, that also include many IT firms, were hit by these large-scale cyber attacks.

After investigating the attack, the experts came to know that the Revil criminal gang was behind this attack. The group has targeted a software vendor known as Kaseya, and many firms got affected because this software was being used by thousands of companies as well as IT firms.

Russian-based Ransomware Gangs are Targeted by the US

However, in one of the reports, Jen Psaki the Press Secretary of the White House has stated that in case the Russian government did not take any major step against this Russian-based hacking group then the US will take action against these groups.

The rate of ransomware attacks has increased so much, that the chief cybersecurity adviser of the White House has warned the US government to take all these ransomware attacks seriously.

Russia refuses its liability 

After the investigation, the US experts pronounced that the cyber attack group that was behind this attack are from Russia. However, Russia has straightly denied any liability for these attacks.

The US president has requested Vladimir Putin over a phone call to take some major actions against these Russian-based hacking groups. 

Not only that even president Biden also repeated that the United States will take all possible actions that are necessary to be taken against such group because due to this group various firm companies are facing critical challenging situations.

Apart from all this Biden threatened his counterpart that if any certain red lines were crossed then they have to face punishment. While in reply to this Putin stated that most of the cyberattacks in the world evolve from the American space.

However, after all the conversation the Kremlin affirmed the two leaders accepted to collaborate on cybersecurity matters and they expect that the collaboration must be constant, professional, and non-politicized.

Moreover, they also asserted that the collaboration must be carried out through appropriate communication channels, that must follow each and every international law.

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