Top 10 Best SaaS Security Tools

Introduction :

Security management across multiple Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) clouds can present challenges, primarily stemming from the heightened prevalence of malware and ransomware attacks.

In the present landscape, organizations encounter many challenges with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

One of the main challenges businesses face is the absence of standardized configuration practices, which leads to the need to handle multiple APIs and user interfaces that come with varying levels of access.

This scenario increases the risk of customer data leakage between different systems, posing a significant threat to the overall security and privacy of the organization.

As the nature of work continues to evolve and businesses become increasingly specialized, the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) has seen a considerable surge in popularity.

Due to changes in work environments, which have given rise to new platforms and collaboration tools, the way that employees interact with customers and other employees has also changed.

SaaS security solutions ultimately control all of these tools.

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Top 10 Best SaaS Security Tools
What is SaaS security? 
Importance of SaaS security tools   
How to secure data in SaaS?  
Key features to check in SaaS security Tools
Best Practices of SaaS Security
Top 10 Best SaaS Security Tools
1. DoControl
2. Splunk
3. Zscaler
4. Qualys

5. Cloudflare
6. Veracode
7. Okta
8. Trend Micro
9. CrowdStrike

10. Proofpoint

What Is SaaS Security? 

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a popular type of cloud-based application and one of today’s most important technologies for business success. 

Businesses can quickly, dependably, adaptably, and affordably use SaaS applications to support them throughout their business processes. 

With the rise of remote working and companies seeking more accessible and effective ways to run their operations, the SaaS model has grown more quickly in recent years.

But with the rise in popularity has come an increase in the security risks companies must manage.  

SaaS applications are vulnerable to several security risks, which cybercriminals seek to exploit for financial gain. 

DoControl’s 2023 SaaS Security Threat Landscape Report [Download] finds that 50% of enterprises and 75% of mid-market organizations have exposed public SaaS assets.

Importance Of SaaS Security Tools   

SaaS Security Tools are the single-stop destination for all your SaaS security requirements.

SaaS or cloud penetration testing tools simplify maintaining SaaS servers and application security. 

The security of your SaaS application is guaranteed by these tools, which also perform compliance checks, asset monitoring, and use the best security procedures.

Your software and data are protected from cyberattacks like viruses, malware, and ransomware by these tools, which serve as sturdy barriers.

Protecting your data also safeguards the information of your clients.

Knowing that their information is secure when using your services fosters trust and satisfies your customers.

In recent years, the trend of remote work has gained significant momentum.

To ensure that employees can access work software and files securely from any location, several SaaS security tools have been developed.

These tools offer a range of features that enable remote workers to work efficiently and securely, including secure file sharing, virtual private networks (VPNs), and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

With the help of these SaaS tools, remote workers can access important files and collaborate with their team members without any compromise on security.

The strategies used by cybercriminals also evolve with the times.

SaaS security tools keep Your data secure in the contemporary digital world, which is constantly evolving to stay one step ahead of these changes.

How To Secure Data In SaaS?  

SaaS provides exceptional efficiency, scalability, and convenience, but it also raises significant data security concerns. 

Protecting sensitive information, including customer information, trade secrets, and secret business processes, is crucial.  

Use multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and strong password policies to strengthen your authentication procedure.

Your information must be protected with data encryption to prevent listening in while being transmitted and unauthorized access while being stored. 

Pay attention to any updates and patches that your SaaS provider releases.

Test updates in a controlled environment before deploying them to ensure they will not interfere with your business operations.

Set up automatic data backups at regular intervals to make sure you can recover lost data.

Make a detailed plan for how to restore operations and data in the event of a serious incident.

Key Features To Check In SaaS Security Tools

The following are some key elements to include in your SaaS security strategy.

  1. Data Protection

Your data should be protected as a top priority.

Choose tools that provide reliable data encryption, both during storage and transmission.

Your sensitive information will remain safe and unreadable with encryption even if unauthorized access is granted.

  1. Access Management

SaaS security tools should offer reliable authentication procedures, like multi-factor authentication (MFA), to guarantee that only authorized users can access your systems.

They should also provide access controls so you can specify who can perform what in your applications.

  1. Third-Party Integration

Prioritizing third-party integration contributes to developing a comprehensive security ecosystem, strengthening your defense against changing cyber threats. 

  1. Data Regulations

It is crucial to comply with data laws like GDPR and HIPAA, especially if you handle sensitive customer data.

To avoid legal issues and safeguard your customers’ privacy, ensure that the SaaS security tools you are considering comply with these laws.

  1. Monitoring

Real-time monitoring serves as your early warning system for potential threats. Look for SaaS security tools that provide ongoing surveillance for ominous activity and prompt alerts to enable quick response to security incidents.

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DoControl’s Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA)

DoControl’s ZTDA solution extends Zero Trust to the SaaS application data layer, offering complete visibility for all SaaS access by every identity and entity (internal users and external collaborators) throughout the organization.

10 Best Practices Of SaaS Security

  1. User Authentication:
  • Implement strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) for user access.
  • Regularly review and update user access privileges.
  1. Data Encryption:
  • Encrypt data at rest and in transit using industry-standard encryption protocols.
  • Employ robust encryption key management practices.
  1. Access Control:
  • Employ the principle of least privilege (PoLP) to limit user access to only necessary information.
  • Use role-based access control (RBAC) to manage permissions effectively.
  1. Regular Auditing And Monitoring:
  • Set up continuous monitoring for suspicious activities and unauthorized access.
  • Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.
  1. Data Backup And Recovery:
  • Establish automated, frequent backups of critical data.
  • Validate data recovery procedures to ensure business continuity.
  1. Vendor Security Assessment:
  • Thoroughly evaluate the security practices of your SaaS provider.
  • Verify that they adhere to the rules and standards set by the industry.
  1. Patch Management:
  • Stay current with software updates and security patches.
  • Apply patches promptly to mitigate vulnerabilities.
  1. Incident Response Plan:
  • Develop a well-documented incident response plan.
  • Train your team to respond swiftly to security incidents.
  1. Data Privacy Compliance:
  • Comply with data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA.
  • Safeguard customer data and maintain transparency.
  1. Employee Training:
  • Educate employees on security best practices.
  • Foster a security-conscious organizational culture.

Top 10 Best SaaS Security Tools

  • DoControl
  • Splunk
  • Zscaler
  • Qualys
  • Cloudflare
  • Veracode
  • Okta
  • Trend Micro
  • CrowdStrike
  • Proofpoint

Top 10 Best SaaS Security Tools Features

Top 10 Best SaaS Security ToolsFeatures
1. DoControlAccess to the data
Classification of Data
Analysis of Permissions
Sticking to the rules
Alerts in Real Time
Reporting on compliance
2. SplunkSorting out data
Learning by Machine
Security of Data and Compliance
Put together
Ecosystem of Apps
3. ZscalerSafe Gateway to the Web
The Cloud Firewall
Zero Trust Access to a Network
Trying not to lose data
Advanced Protection from Threats
4. QualysManagement of Weaknesses
List of assets
How to Handle Patches
Keeping an eye on compliance
Seeing and dealing with threats
5. CloudflareThe CDN delivers content.
Protection from DDoS
Firewall for Web Applications
Services for DNS
Balance the load
6. VeracodeSecurity testing for static applications
Fixing things and giving reports
An Analysis of Software Components
Testing for application security that is interactive
Pipeline Scan Static Analysis
7. OktaManagement of API Access
Management of the Lifecycle
Authentication without a password
How to Get Access
Single Sign-On for Mobile Apps and Browsers
8. Trend MicroProtection from viruses and malware
Web Safety
Safety for emails
Defense of a network
Security for Endpoints
9. CrowdStrikeArchitecture made for the cloud
The Falcon Watch
Management of Weaknesses
Control the device
Dashboards and report writing
10. ProofpointSafely Share Files
The Safety of Cloud Apps
Compliance and Keeping Records
Training for security awareness
Protection from insider threats

1. DoControl

Best SaaS Security Tools

DoControl safeguards your company’s apps and data with its unified, automated, and risk-aware SaaS Security solution.

By mitigating risks, avoiding breaches, and handling insider threats, it ensures that your organization runs smoothly.

By enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and data security, this tool is a boon to any company.

Using automated remediation to safeguard mission-critical SaaS apps and data is its primary benefit.

The three key concepts upon which the product is built are Automated Remediation, Discovery and Visibility, and Monitoring and Control.

All permitted and illegal third-party domains, users, assets, external collaborators, and SaaS apps are instantly compiled in the tool’s comprehensive inventory.

This helps with managing vendors, conducting security audits, ensuring compliance, and responding to incidents. In order to detect possible security breaches in real time, the program keeps an eye on SaaS apps and data access.

With comprehensive reporting and alerts, it controls vendor risk, improves security, and assures data policy adherence.

Expanding Zero Trust beyond identity, devices, and networks is possible with a platform that enforces policies without requiring code.

It offers customizable pre-made templates.


  • Control who can access your important info through cloud services and apps.
  • Identify and sort private data automatically to keep it safe.
  • For security problems and too much access, check the permissions.
  • Follow data protection and business standards when setting up security rules.
  • Get alerts if someone tries to access your info without permission.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Complete protection for data.May need to work with tools that are already in place.
Access control on a small scale.Some people have to learn how to use it.
Alerts in real time.
Reporting on compliance.

DoControl – Trial / Demo

2. Splunk

Best SaaS Security Tools

When it comes to strengthening cybersecurity, enterprises cannot do without Splunk’s SaaS security solutions.

Information technology (IT) systems produce massive volumes of data, especially data pertaining to security, which it does an excellent job of gathering, analyzing, and visualizing.

An organization’s security posture can be enhanced with the help of this technology, which equips users with the necessary tools to successfully detect and mitigate security risks.

You can focus on taking action with your data as Splunk professionals handle your IT infrastructure and the platform scales to suit your analytics demands.

Protect your business, reduce risks, and make better decisions with the help of data-driven insights and analytics powered by machine learning with Splunk Enterprise Security.

These resources streamline the process of investigating and identifying security vulnerabilities, increase threat detection, and deliver high-quality notifications.

This application can help you deal with alert overload by allowing you to attach risks to persons and systems, connect alerts to cybersecurity frameworks, and trigger alerts when risk levels go beyond certain limits.


  • There should be a summary for log, event, and measure data.
  • You can look at real-time data and come to a decision with Splunk’s powerful search language.
  • To get insights, make your own panels and other ways to see statistics.
  • Use predefined criteria to set up alerts for things or events that don’t seem right.
  • To do research, you need to separate structured data from unstructured data.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Large databases can use it.The free form is limited.
Watching in real time.Small operations have a lot of complexity.
There are many safety measures.
A large number of apps.

Splunk – Trial / Demo

3. Zscaler

Best SaaS Security Tools

If you want to make your security and compliance better, you must reduce risks.

All parts of the SaaS ecosystem must have consistent access to and management of your content.

There aren’t always enough safeguards in place to keep these services safe.

Zscaler is a trustworthy SaaS security product that could help you with these problems.

To keep your data safe, the program integrates easily with leading SaaS apps.

To mitigate risks and guarantee compliance, we provide robust and adaptable security rules, transparency, and control.

Through a suite of customized policies, the company’s Cloud access security broker collaborates with industry-leading SaaS providers to provide uniform data protection and compliance.

With Zscaler’s SaaS security posture monitoring, you can see when leading SaaS vendors aren’t following security and compliance policies, and you can prevent security breaches from happening in the first place.

Zscaler SaaS Security API also protects approved SaaS apps; you can treat them like tenants and keep tabs on critical data like their permission status and policies.


  • Access to applications is safe even without VPNs.
  • Rules for data protection stop data from getting out.
  • Malware and zero-day threats are found and stopped.
  • Records how cloud apps and services are used.
  • Decrypts data and checks it for threats.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Security built for the cloud.Cost of a subscription.
Global information on threats.There could be a delay.
Network design has been made easier.
Security measures that cover everything.

Zscaler – Trial /Demo

4. Qualys

SaaS Security Tools

One software that surpasses all others in SaaS Security and Posture Management is Qualys SaaS Detection and Response (SaaSDR).

If you leverage the capabilities of the Qualys Cloud Platform to manage your SaaS apps, everything from their security and compliance posture to their global settings, user privileges, licenses, files, and more, becomes automated and streamlined.

From a single interface, Qualys SaaSDR provides visibility into all users and devices, insights into data security, proactive posture monitoring, and automated threat remediation, all of which help you gain control and clarity over your SaaS stack.

Qualys SaaSDR will detect and log every user, group, and file or folder that has access to your SaaS application.

Also provided is a wealth of information regarding endpoints, such as their location, assets, installed software, services, and more, all in one convenient place.

The software’s state-of-the-art intelligence makes it easy to detect security issues including improper permissions, dangerous files, configuration mistakes, vulnerabilities, and threats in your SaaS and third-party applications.


  • Keeps an eye on and protects computer assets.
  • Checks and shuts down online services to stop attacks.
  • Keeps containerized apps and orchestration tools safe.
  • oversees and rates the security of third-party vendors.
  • Metrics for security and compliance are given out.
What is Good ?What is Good?
Management of all vulnerabilities.There isn’t much help for settings that are on-premises.
Scan and report automatically.There are sometimes false findings.
There are ways to connect.
Strong features for compliance.

Qualys – Trial /Demo

5. Cloudflare

Best SaaS Security Tools

Cloudflare is a well-known provider of SaaS security solutions.

With its cloud access security broker (CASB) service, you can simply prevent data leaks and compliance violations by providing comprehensive visibility and control over SaaS apps.

In order for your SaaS applications to act as an inline CASB without additional configuration, Cloudflare will place controls such as Zero Trust Access (ZTNA), gateway (SWG), and browser (RBI) in front of them.

Secure your data at rest with simple API integrations that monitor your most popular apps for vulnerabilities and threats all the time.

Users can find unapproved SaaS apps and the activities they’re doing there because the program records every connection and request. Make rules to restrict or permit such apps to access in a flash.

The program checks your SaaS apps for wrong settings, exposed files, and suspicious behavior through API connectors.

To enhance the login process with identity-aware, context-driven Zero Trust rules and device-specific policies, Cloudflare can be placed between your identity provider and your applications.


  • Simple security keeps the data you send safe.
  • It lets you make serverless apps and put them online.
  • It’s safe to use apps and tools, even on a network that you don’t trust.
  • Keeps you safe from online bugs and scams.
  • Traffic to the website and security risks can be seen and understood.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Delivery of content and improvement of speed.Free plan users don’t have as much power.
Protection from DDoS.Possible worries about privacy.
Services for global DNS.
Encryption with SSL/TLS.

Cloudflare – Trial / Demo

6. Veracode

SaaS Security Tools

To safeguard your company’s software and data from internet threats, consider using Veracode, a popular SaaS security solution.

With Veracode’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) application security solutions, applications may be better protected in today’s complicated and costly software security management landscape.

You can improve software security and meet tight release deadlines with Veracode by enabling testing at every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

The software’s SaaS application security services are fully integrated into the software development lifecycle, enabling your teams to fix bugs at the most cost-effective stage.

The software provides continuous monitoring to detect and resolve vulnerabilities as soon as they emerge, ensuring that your software is always secure.

This program checks all of your apps and their source code for security flaws and vulnerabilities.


  • Gives writers advice on how to fix vulnerabilities.
  • You can test the security of APIs and mobile apps.
  • Helps businesses follow security rules.
  • It makes security processes better by using development and CI/CD tools.
  • Helps DevOps security to make work faster and safer
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Application protection that covers everything.Scans with false results.
Advice on how to report and fix the problem.There isn’t much help for some languages and systems.
Analysis of the past and the future.
advice on how to report and fix the problem.

Veracode – Trial / Demo

7. Okta

SaaS Security Tools

Modern threats to the security of cloud-based apps, data, and infrastructure can be met with the help of Octa, state-of-the-art SaaS (Software as a Service) security software.

The software protects your personal information and the security of your online purchases.

With Okta Customer Identity Cloud for SaaS Apps, even developers without a background in identity can speed up their app’s development and get it suitable for corporate use.

Custom branding, security features, Enterprise Federation, Delegated Administration, and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) are some of the SaaS-specific capabilities that come pre-installed.

With a solid product plan, they are also continually inventing new things for you to use.

With Okta Workforce Enterprise Connection, SaaS app developers can easily provide customers with a secure and convenient login procedure by offering out-of-the-box interfaces to Okta Workforce Identity Cloud.

With Okta, access management is made easier and security is enhanced, making it indispensable in today’s data-driven and connected society.


  • Adds and removes users automatically to make sure access is managed properly.
  • Without passwords, you can log in more safely.
  • Fine-grained rules are used to control who can access resources.
  • SSO works for both websites and apps on phones.
  • Apple Works with a lot of other apps and services.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Single Sign-On makes things easy.Self-service modification is limited.
multi-factor identification that is strong.Some apps can be hard to set up with MFA.
Cloud-based and able to grow.
A lot of apps work together.

Okta – Trial /Demo

8. Trend Micro

Best SaaS Security Tools
Trend Micro

A prominent cybersecurity firm with operations all over the world, Trend Micro is Trend Micro.

With the ever-expanding range of online risks, they have created state-of-the-art SaaS security software to safeguard individuals and enterprises.

All three types of teams can find what they need with Trend Cloud One: security, development, and business.

It notifies the right people at the right moments about security threats using the features of cloud-native application protection (CNAPP).

Thanks to its extensive background, the tool can provide you with protection as you begin your road towards cloud transformation.

Trend Cloud One reliably assesses the governance, assurance, compliance, and needs of your public and data center infrastructure.

With Trend Micro, you can instantly boost your visibility and ensure the longevity of your IT investment.

It is easy for teams to implement security solutions when new cloud environments are introduced, but this can lead to visibility silos in the long run.


  • Keeps cloud tasks and systems safe.
  • Protects private info from being stolen by encrypting it.
  • Looks for bugs in software and apps and fixes them.
  • Protects devices and networks connected to the Internet of Things.
  • Threat intelligence and research in real time for proactive defense.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Effective defense against malware.There are sometimes false findings.
Threat information that is strong.Strong threat information.
Security tools for the cloud.
Good effect on work.

Trend Micro – Trial / Demo

9. CrowdStrike

Best SaaS Security Tools

Together with its CrowdStrike Store partners DoControl and TrueFort, CrowdStrike is able to provide all-encompassing SaaS security solutions by leveraging the Falcon platform’s single intelligent agent and rich contextual data.

Combining the power of TrueFort’s existing Fortress software with the new automated SaaS security app from DoControl allows you to halt threats in your application environment at scale.

To efficiently and rapidly detect fraudulent behavior, DoControl matches CrowdStrike Falcon detections with the same files stored in your SaaS applications.

By promptly notifying your security teams of any cross-referenced detections, workflows can be initiated to fix hosts by halting process and file executions and erasing the files.

Gain control of your SaaS services with faster and more precise detection and reaction with DoControl and CrowdStrike. These tools block staff members or outside collaborators with known compromises from adding, storing, or accessing files.


  • Through a cloud platform, it grows and changes in real time.
  • CrowdStrike has experts who look for threats and deal with them.
  • It looks for and ranks flaws to make the attack area smaller.
  • Keeps the ending safe.
  • Reports in depth on how well security is working.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Effective safety at the endpoint.Support for offline devices is limited.
Advanced ways to find and stop threats.The difficulty of deployment in some settings.
Threat hunting services that are managed.
A lot of information about threats.

CrowdStrike – Trial / Demo

10. Proofpoint

SaaS Security Tools

Proofpoint SaaS Protection eliminates the dangers of using SaaS applications.

It safeguards your data in cloud-based applications like G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 from advanced threats.

In order to keep your data safe, this program integrates multiple functions, such as threat detection, data loss prevention, access management, data encryption, and data usage analysis.

Even more so, it facilitates the monitoring of team activity across numerous channels, such as email, mobile apps, social media, networks, and software as a service (SaaS) applications.

Rules and policies can be tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Data encryption, isolation, and sharing policy management can help mitigate threats like sensitive information disclosure and illegal data exports.

The application works in tandem with TAP to provide a comprehensive picture of user actions and how they relate to possible phishing attacks.

It takes the sensitivity of your data into account while assessing risk as well.


  • Tell each other and work together without worrying about security.
  • Protects apps and services in the cloud.
  • Stores emails and helps businesses follow the rules.
  • Offers training classes on the best ways to keep your computer safe.
  • Finds insider threats and stolen info.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Email protection that works.There are sometimes false findings.
Getting better at finding threats.Proofpoint is pricey for small to medium-sized firms, making it unfriendly to budget-conscious ones.
Features for compliance.
Interface that is easy to use.

Proofpoint – Trial / Demo


We’ve tried to cover various SaaS security tools with varying capacities.

Some are better suited for cloud infrastructure analysis, some work well for application security testing, and some have specific uses like establishing zero trust. 

Remember that your company’s specific needs and budget will determine which SaaS security solution is best for you. 

It is crucial to carefully analyze your organization’s needs and consider scalability, usability, and integration potential.

The best tools for a given organization will vary depending on several variables, such as the types of SaaS services being used, the sensitivity of the data that needs to be protected, and the relevant industry and regulatory requirements.

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