Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

Introduction :

Insider Risk refers to the potential harm or negative impact that can arise from any illicit or unauthorized activity carried out by an individual within an organization who has legitimate access to sensitive data, systems, or resources, can be mitigated with Best Insider Risk Management Platforms.

Such insider threat activities may include theft, sabotage, fraud, or espionage, and have the potential to cause significant damage to an organization’s reputation, operations, and financial stability.

According to The Ponemon Institute’s study, there is a 76% increase in the average cost of an insider threat on an organization. 

Data is the most valuable asset in current times, and insider risks are a major concern, as a quarter of security incidents occur due to a known or unknown insider threat.

Thus, protecting an organization against these kinds of threats requires the right process, technology, and people.

What is Insider Risk Management?

Insider risk is when a member of an organization, whether aware or unaware, jeopardizes the well-being of network security or breaches data.

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms represents a software or service that helps in identifying any potential malicious or accidental insider risks, such as IP theft, data leakage, and security violations.

Insider risks have become a growing concern for organizations across different industries.

As per Microsoft, a staggering 93% of organizations are worried about the potential risks posed by insiders.

In fact, a quarter of all data loss incidents can be attributed to insider threats.

This highlights the need for companies to implement robust security measures and policies to prevent and mitigate the risks associated with insider threats.

Insider risk management comprises various monitoring tools and ML algorithms to find anomalies in user activity. 

What is an Insider Risk Management Platform?

As stated earlier, best Insider Risk Management Platforms comprises monitoring and ML algorithms; IRM software is software that combines all the technology and algorithms in one place.

Digging deep, An Incident Risk Management Software integrates identity and access management to fetch users’ data, security information & event management (SIEM) software, and other risk analysis tools to make a centralized software.

Insider Risk management software helps to manage everything from a single place(centralized), making it easier and requiring less manpower to maintain secure systems from insider threats.

Often, the endpoint sensors and contextual user data are used to uncover insider risks.

DoControl’s 2023 SaaS Security Threat Landscape Report [Download] finds that 50% of enterprises and 75% of mid-market organizations have exposed public SaaS assets.

Table of Contents

What is Insider Risk Management?
What is Insider Risk Management Software?
Features Insider Risk Management Software
Best practices of insider risk management
How does insider risk management software work?
Best Insider Risk Management Platforms
Best Insider Risk Management Platforms Features
3.Elevate Platform
8.Observe It

Features of Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms features serve many functions in an organization, some of them being faster action-taking against insider threats, centralized control, built-in privacy, and many more.

With the help of IRM software, you first choose the set of policies you want to implement in your organization. Some of the Insider Risk Management Software works on ML algorithms, which are continuously trained, making them more and more efficient.

Regular alerts are also a great feature, enabling you to monitor any anomaly quicker and faster. Reports are also generated for suspected users, which can be reviewed to investigate further. 

The most helpful feature is that IRM software automates the workflow, making it easier for security personnel to keep a record of anomalies. Built-in extra privacy is also a deeming feature of Insider Risk Management Software. 

Best Practices of Insider Risk Management

Best practices include various key points to be looked at, the first being that you keep in mind any geographical or regional level compliance required.

The next one is setting up governance in your organization, meaning establishing what and how one should use the applications and also how to act against any outside threat like links, emails, pdf, pen drives, etc.

Training is also important for the employees to be educated enough not to become an unknown insider threat. After training is done, it is time to do an analysis of threats and risks.

And the most prominent sectors which are more susceptible to insider threat should be monitored closely. Create a backup plan for any insider threat; how will you contain or recover from it?

Last but not least, invest in new technology that will use sophisticated algorithms to find anomalies.

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DoControl’s Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA)

DoControl’s ZTDA solution extends Zero Trust to the SaaS application data layer, offering complete visibility for all SaaS access by every identity and entity (internal users and external collaborators) throughout the organization.

How Does Insider Risk Management Software Work?

Working with best Insider Risk Management Platforms differs from software to software. Depending on what approach they have taken, benchmark-based, ML algorithms, and Rule-based.

The most fundamental work of an insider risk management solution is analyzing user behaviors in an organization. Now, the twist comes in how the software decides to mark some behavior as a threat. 

Vendors can use normal rule-based approaches, such as if a user of low privilege is accessing something abnormal. Then, an alert will be generated.

Others use ML algorithms and trained data sets to decide if the user’s action is abnormal to report or not. IAM, SIEM, Privileged Access Management, Data Loss Prevention, User and Entity Behavior Analytics, and other analytical tools are integrated to help Insider Risk Management Software to help in analyzing more deep user behavior.

The purpose-based access principle is also sometimes used to handle the client’s ticketing system by the Insider Risk Management solution.

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

  • DoControl
  • ActivTrak
  • Elevate Platform
  • Splunk
  • LogRhythm
  • Forcepoint
  • Securonix
  • Observe It
  • Exabeam
  • Varonis

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms Features

Best Insider Risk Management PlatformsFeatures
1. DoControlClassification of Data
Stopping Data Loss
Control of Access
Watching and warnings
Reporting on compliance
2. ActivTrakTracking what users do
Monitoring and dashboards in real time.
Taking pictures and recording your screen
Monitoring how people use apps and websites
Analysis of Productivity
Getting Reports and Ideas
3. Elevate PlatformDeveloping leadership skills
Giving and getting coaching
Analysis of Performance
Your Own Way of Learning
Working as a team
Setting and keeping track of goals.
4. SplunkGetting and organizing data
Look for and look into
Monitoring in real time
Dashboards and pictures of things
Getting Reports and Alerts
Safety and Following the Rules
5. LogRhythmKeeping track of security information and events
Zero Trust Security Model
Finding threats and responding to them
Keeping track of logs and events
Monitoring of the network and endpoints
6. ForcepointGuarding the web
Stopping Data Loss
Cloud Safety
Finding inside threats
Safety of the Network
Security with no trust
7. SecuronixKeeping track of security information and events
Analytics of how users and entities act
Information about threats
Protection and monitoring of data
Management of Risk and Compliance.
8. Observe ItWatching what users do
Stopping Data Loss
Finding inside threats
Reporting on compliance
Analytics for user behavior.
9. exabeamKeeping track of security information and events
Strong analytics for behavior.
Experience with automated investigations.
Investigation of an Incident
Intelligence on threats.
10. varonisPrivacy and safety of data
Monitoring of Data Access and Permissions
Finding threats and responding to them
Putting data into groups and tags
Stats and Reporting

1. DoControl 

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

An best insider risk management platform that uses unified, automated AI to detect and prevent insider threats for SaaS Applications without affecting infrastructure uptime.

It ingests information from Human Resource Information System (HRIS) applications and monitors users and admin activity for detection based on anomaly signals and risky behavioral patterns and trigger workflows.

The remediation for the top threat models is either triggered on demand or using the scheduler.

It retrieves data about SaaS events with business context to alert contextual policies, after which a unified SaaS metadata model is queried, exported, and analyzed. 

This SaaS security platform uses CASB to enforce granular data access control policies, Cloud-Native DLP ensures Next-generation data loss prevention, and SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) streamlines admin audit logs to detect and respond to configuration drifts.


  • Finds all of your organization’s sensitive info.
  • Labels and groups data so it can be managed better.
  • Controls who can see what info and what permissions they have.
  • Stops data leaks and sharing without permission.
  • Complies with data protection laws.
What Could Be Better?Gathers and stores log data so it can be analyzed.
Finds security risks in real-time and ranks them by importance.Some businesses may charge high prices.
Checks for and sends alerts when strange behavior is detected.Not all systems can be used together.
checks for and sends alerts when strange behavior is detected.
Offers tools that make responding to security events easier.

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2. ActivTrak

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

ActivTrak ensures privacy confidentiality and prevents misalignment of critical data across the organization without loss of any productivity insights. 

Without jeopardizing the employees’ privacy, this tool tracks employees’ remote & in-office productivity and their engagement in processes & technology, which leads to higher levels of trust among employees.

It identifies inactive accounts, unallocated or unused licenses, applications with overlapping functionality, posing malware risk, or fails to meet the privacy and security requirements of the organization and automatically blocks them.

When new applications are introduced into the environment, ActivTrak sets custom limits.

The alarms are triggered for activities such as USB device use, unauthorized file sharing, access of blocked domains, user deletion from computers, and notifications in Slack or MS Teams.

Based on user risk scores and risky activities, automated actions are configured.

These alarms can be modified at all levels to streamline SaaS investments


  • Keeps track of which programs and computers are being used.
  • Gives information about how productive employees are.
  • Keeps track of work hours and job time.
  • Finds patterns and oddities in what users are doing.
  • Blocks websites and apps that are annoying.
What is Good ?What is Good?
Helps keep track of and boost work.Employees may be worried about their safety.
The setup and layout are easy to use.Not as advanced as some options for large businesses.
Keeps track of jobs and work hours.
Offers useful information for making choices.

ActivTrak – Trial / Demo

3. Elevate Platform

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms
Elevate Platform

Following the principle of finding which is most ‘at-risk,’ this best insider risk management platform consists of three products: Elevate Engage, Elevate Control, and Elevate Identity. 

Elevate identity injects user risk intelligence into IAM and IGA systems as a conditional factor for authenticating or revoking system access.

Based on user risk, conditional access policies and governance reviews are enforced, which then Elevate Control accelerates incident triage response for the anomaly detected and automates controls.

Monitoring individual computing behaviors and current security risks, Elevate Engage provides personalized feedback, scorecards, and security-targeted training.

It reduces operational burdens on SOC initiated from high-risk user-generated incidents.

Frees up resources to fight real adversaries by injecting individual risk data into SecOps policies, tooling, and control automation. 


  • Elevate provides an easy-to-use platform that can be used for many different jobs.
  • Users can make workflow changes to fit their needs and methods.
  • Elevate has powerful automation tools that make jobs easier and more productive.
  • It gives you powerful tools for analyzing and visualizing data so you can make smart decisions.
  • The app lets team members work together, which increases productivity.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
It’s easy to connect to other programs.There could be problems with data safety.
Easy to expand as the business does.Problems with older computers not working together.
It is easy to expand as the business does.
AI and the ability for machines to learn.

Elevate Platform – Trial / Demo

4. Splunk

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

To make organizations more resilient, this unified security and observability data platform is built for expansive data access, powerful analytics, and automation. 

Retrieving events, logs, and metrics data from operations like custom & third-party tools, public & private clouds, on-prem data centers, and devices are managed, searched, federated, and automated.

Spunk AI detects, investigates, and responds to threats using APIs, Analytics drives SIEM, AI models, and visualizations. 

Splunk Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) empowers the SOC by orchestrating security workflows and automating tasks in seconds. 

Allowing security analysts to focus on mission-critical objectives by automating security tasks and workflows across all security tools.

 It establishes repeatable procedures, addresses every alert, and lowers MTTR. 

As a part of recovery, Splunk absorbs shocks and restores critical services faster to minimize the impact of outages and breaches.


  • Takes in info from a variety of sources, like metrics and logs.
  • Lets you find and analyze large datasets in real time.
  • Makes data visualizations that can be changed and interacted with.
  • Alerts are set up for certain events or levels.
  • uses machine learning to find trends and oddities.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Powerful tools for analyzing and visualizing data.It can be expensive to get licenses and buy tools.
It is useful for business data, IT, and security.It can be hard to set up and adjust.
Able to handle a lot of info quickly.
A marketplace for apps and an active group of users.

Splunk – Trial / Demo

5. LogRhythm

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

LogRhythm can help protect critical data and infrastructure across the enterprise by delivering threat research and a zero-trust security model.

It utilizes SIEM to detect, investigate, and neutralize threats, SOAR to streamline the responses, and UEBA to detect anomalous user behavior with advanced analytics. 

Using log Management, it ensures full visibility of data and possible threats in it, maintains a report on compliance including PCI, HIPAA, NERC, CIP, etc, and also strategizes security defenses according to MITRE ATT&CK framework. 

The products of this platform perform their individual functionality to get rid of malicious insider risks.

LogRhythm Axon is a cloud-native SIEM to monitor and surface threats easily. 

LogRhythm SIEM  is a self-hosted SIEM that detects, analyzes, and responds to threats.

LogRhythm UEBA utilizes user and entity behavior analytics to identify anomalies.

Network Detection and Response utilizes analytics and threat intelligence to mitigate advanced network threats.


  • Gathers and stores log data so it can be analyzed.
  • Finds security risks in real-time and ranks them by importance.
  • Checks for and sends alerts when strange behavior is detected.
  • Offers tools that make responding to security events easier.
  • Machine learning is used to find threats and evaluate risks.
Gathers and stores log data so it can be analyzed.What Could Be Better ?
Finds security risks in real-time and ranks them by importance.It’s possible that training is needed for it to work well.
What Could Be Better?In some cases, complex use cases may need coding and knowledge.
Keeps an eye on users and sends out messages when they do something strange.
Offers tools to make responding to incidents easier.

LogRhythm – Trial / Demo

6. Forcepoint

Best Insider Risk Management software

Forcepoint reduces insider risks and cuts costs with Data-first Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) using Generative AI and Zero Trust.

Integration of this tool can achieve networking and security from a single SD-WAN and SSE and perform automated data classification and continuous monitoring and visibility. 

Simplifying the routine operations with one centralized platform, it uses a unified console for over 6000 websites, unified policies to secure data, and elimination of third-party agents.

For DLP across cloud, network, and endpoints, Forcepoint creates a security policy and extends it to all channels, optimizing cloud app performance and constant security. 

It understands the behavior of the user and device using AI/ML and then utilizes automated context-based security for remediation.

Ensuring continuous availability, Cloud-Native Hyperscaler is built and also architected on AWS and OCI.


  • Protects against threats on the web and makes sure rules are followed.
  • Stops sharing and leaking of data without permission.
  • Keeps your network safe from threats, even in the cloud.
  • Keeps email dangers like phishing and malware from getting through.
  • Watches for and finds dangerous user activity.
What is Good ?What is Good?
It gives you a lot of protection options.Uses up computer and storage space.
A lot of attention is paid to data and cloud protection.Not a lot of freedom in some areas.
includes threat data to make defenses stronger.
focuses on how users act to keep things safe.

Forcepoint – Trial / Demo

7. Securonix

Best Insider Risk Management Software

It is an best Insider Risk Management Platforms with unified defense SIEM performing threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) on Snowflake’s Data Cloud. 

Users with multiple accounts, privileged access to databases, servers, and their lateral movement across applications are monitored for any kind of data compromise.

The user behavior is compared with normal baseline patterns and peer behavior activity for anomaly detection.

It exposes data exfiltration by restricting the insiders from walking out the door with intellectual property or sensitive records.

Its behavioral analytics content and patented machine learning algorithms identify hard-to-detect insider threats and trigger multiple alerts for rapid response.

Securonix SOAR  has built-in incident response orchestration and automation

. A comprehensive identity and risk profile for every user and entity is generated, after which high-risk users are added to a watch list. 

It has Next-Gen SIEM’s SearchMore and Long-Term Search features to streamline threat hunting for historical and real-time data.


  • Finds threats by looking at how users and entities act.
  • Logs, events, and data can be watched in real-time.
  • Responding to security events is done automatically.
  • Finds private threats and strange behavior.
  • Threat intelligence is built in for effective defense.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Strong at finding threats by looking at how users act.Uses up computer and storage space.
There is not much room for change in some places.Not much room for change in some places.
Works with a number of different security systems and tools.
Helps meet the standards of regulatory compliance.

Securonix – Trial / Demo

8. Observe It

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms
Observe It

ObserveIT boasts modern SaaS architecture over on-premise or in hybrid environments built for scalability, analytics, security, privacy, and extensibility. 

It summarizes enterprise risk for executives and the board, balances insider threat security with privacy by design, and integrates people-centric user risk analysis with the rest of the enterprise security ecosystem.

During a security incident, its unified visibility into user activity, data interaction, and insider threat context enable efficiency across the broad range of insider threat management activities like user behavior correction, investigation, and containment, clear audit trails for compliance, and retrieving proof in the event legal action is required. 

Aegis Threat Protection Platform disarms phishing, ransomware, and supply chain threats.

Defending data from careless, compromised, and malicious users is performed by the Sigma Information Protection Platform.

Later, the Identity Threat Defense Platform prevents identity risks, detects lateral movement, and remediates identity threats in real time. Intelligent Compliance Platform functions to Reduce risk, control costs, and improve data visibility to ensure compliance. 


  • Keeps track of and studies what users do and how they act.
  • Finds trends of strange or dangerous behavior.
  • Sends real-time alerts for actions that seem fishy.
  • Makes sure that security rules are followed.
  • Gives people risk scores based on how they act.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
A lot of attention is paid to keeping an eye on and stopping hidden threats.Not all systems can be used together.
Keeps track of and studies what users do and how they act.May need to be trained to use properly.
Offers tools to make responding to incidents easier.
Effective at stopping info from being stolen.

Observe It – Trial / Demo

9. Exabeam

Best Insider Risk Management Platforms

An organization uses the cloud-native Exabeam Platform to scale the speed, productivity, accuracy, and outcomes for insider threat management.

The architecture securely ingests, parses, and stores security data at scale from any location, providing dynamic searching and dashboarding experience across multi-year data.

To detect, prioritize, and respond to anomalies based on risk, it utilizes rules and behavioral model histograms that automatically baseline the normal behavior of users and devices.

It consists of an automated investigation and response (TDIR) workflow.

Exabeam Fusion platform is integrated with Exabeam Security Log Management and Exabeam SIEM, consisting of cloud scale log management data, as well as Exabeam Security Analytics and Exabeam Security Investigation, which contains behavioral analytics data. 

It isolates rogue insiders using behavioral-based anomaly detection techniques.

It provides packaged compliance reports for GDPR, PCI DSS, and SOX that show auditors’ security controls are in place and working as intended.


  • Gathers and organizes log data so that it can be analyzed.
  • Finds threats and ranks them based on how users and entities act.
  • Makes it easier and faster to respond to security issues.
  • Checks for and sends alerts when strange behavior is detected.
  • Uses machine learning to find threats and evaluate risks.
What Could Be Better?There is not much room for change in some places.
Strong at finding threats by looking at how users act.Focuses on how users and entities act to keep things safe.
Streamlines the methods for responding to incidents.For use to be effective, training is often needed.
Machine learning is used to find threats.
focuses on how users and entities act to keep things safe.

Exabeam – Trial / Demo

10. Varonis

Best Insider Risk Management software

Varonis is an best Insider Risk Management Platforms that prioritizes deep data visibility, classification, and automated remediation for data access.

It operates upon least privilege automation, continually reducing blast radius without human intervention and without breaking the business.

For auditing, it records logs of every file, folder, and email activity across cloud and on-prem environments.

It consists of a detailed forensics investigation using Search and filter by user, file server, event type, etc.

Combining continuous risk assessment with file sensitivity, access, and activity provides transparency of data security posture.

It calculates effective permissions for shared links to nested permissions groups and prioritizes remediation based on risk.

User Entity and Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) based alerts are triggered to stop threats and block malicious actors in real-time with automated countermeasures.


  • Keeps an eye on your info and protects it from threats and unauthorized access.
  • Finds and sorts sensitive info so that you have more control.
  • Finds strange user behavior to stop threats from inside the company.
  • Controls and checks who has access to info.
  • Keeps thorough logs and reports for forensics and compliance.
What Could Be Better?What Could Be Better ?
Strong focus on keeping info safe and secure.Uses up computer and storage space.
It helps find and handle sensitive info.It might not be possible to fully integrate with all systems.
Finds private threats and strange behavior.
Helps meet the standards of regulations.

Varonis – Trial / Demo


Insider threat is a growing issue in organizations, and they need to be handled carefully before any disaster.

One can make use of the above-mentioned tools in tackling the situation.

But which tool to choose depends on your budget and your requirements.

Considering the Insider Risk management Solution aligns with the organization’s security compliances is also important.

Even after implementing the best technology in your organization, if the people are not properly educated about the risks and attacks.

Then, your organization is still vulnerable to insider risk.

At last, Insider risk is a crucial matter that should be handled immediately by whatever means possible.

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