Best Cyber Security Courses Online For Students 2022

Cybersecurity has become instrumental to accessing the internet. You cannot get anywhere now without having a comprehensive security plan for your business or company. In addition, you need cybersecurity experts to create firewalls and other protective structures to protect your servers. Therefore, the need for these experts makes specialists in this field a priority. It also makes it a lucrative career path to consider.

As a student, there are several ways you can follow to learn about cybersecurity on the internet. You can learn a lot by enrolling in several security lessons. Below are some of the best online cybersecurity courses offered by different platforms for students in 2022.



Coursera is an online educational platform that allows students to do short courses in a wide range of fields. In particular, you can access several cybersecurity courses of your choice. Some of the lessons at your disposal are accredited. Therefore, you can get a valuable certificate for employment after the course. Some of the institutions that support cybersecurity classes on Coursera include:

  • IMB;
  • Google;
  • New York University;
  • University of Maryland, College Park.

Each course covers a different section of cybersecurity. While you are at it, check out TopWritersReview for the writing service that suits your needs. You can take advantage of these services to learn more about online protection. Some of the highest-rated security courses offered by Coursera include Introduction to Cybersecurity, IBM Cybersecurity Analyst, and Cybersecurity.


Udemy is one of the largest learning platforms on the internet. It has many internet security lessons that cover different aspects of internet use. Similarly, several of these courses present in-depth learning experiences of students of different proficiency. The quality and depth of classes offered on Udemy make it expensive to access. Unlike Coursera, you will not find a lot of courses with full accreditation. Yet, you can still access beginner, intermediary, and advanced courses. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed and The Complete Cyber Security Course: Network Security are some of the best cybersecurity lessons offered by Udemy.


Students looking to learn about the highest level of internet protection should access content by NexGenT. This platform offers military-grade security courses that set up individuals to work with the military. In addition, you can access certification once you complete the training program. The quality of content offered by this service is due to the expertise of the founders of the platform.

A student can begin training either as a beginner or someone with prior experience. The course you select depends on your expertise. Also, you need to pass an exam to qualify for the higher training level.

Future Learn

This platform is ideal for students looking to learn the basics of cybersecurity. Similarly, you may want to use it if you intend to protect my student’s data from hackers. A lot of users like the course presentation of Future Learn. You also get access to several security classes. Nonetheless, not all internet security courses are accredited. Therefore, you may need to select what course you want to enroll in carefully. Doing this is more important if you require a certificate for future employment. Cyber Security Foundations: Reinforcing Identity and Access Management and How Cyber Security Affects the Software Development Life Cycle are some of the best courses you can enroll in on this platform.


There are several cybersecurity courses to choose from on the internet. Different platforms offer different training packages to choose from. In addition, some courses are accredited while others are not. You also get to select between beginner, intermediary, and advanced courses.

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