10 Best Cloud Security Companies 

In the digital age, cloud security is crucial as businesses increasingly depend on cloud services and top cloud security companies provide advanced solutions to protect data, applications, and infrastructure from cyber threats.

These firms specialize in cloud service and application security, addressing challenges like shared responsibility models, multi-tenancy, and dynamic environments. As businesses migrate data and apps to the cloud, the need for robust security grows.


Cloud security firms play a vital role in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of cloud-hosted data and services. They offer services to secure access to cloud apps and implement measures to prevent data breaches, data loss, and other security threats.

This article explores leading cloud security firms, highlighting their key features, services, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Which Cloud Provides the Highest Level of Security?

To safeguard their customers’ data and infrastructure, all best cloud security providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), provide a comprehensive range of security capabilities. 

The level of security given by any cloud provider is determined by a number of criteria, including the precise security controls offered, certifications obtained, and compliance standards met.

In general, determining which cloud service delivers the “best” level of security is challenging because each has unique strengths and limitations. 

Yet, certain cloud companies have obtained particular certifications and adhere to specific security requirements, indicating a high level of security.

AWS, for example, has multiple security certifications, including ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3, and PCI DSS Level 1, and provides a wide range of security controls, such as network security, encryption, access management, and monitoring. 

GCP has received ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3, and PCI DSS certifications and provides features such as Google Cloud Security Command Center, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and encryption.

Which is Better, Cyber Security or Cloud Security?

Cybersecurity generally focuses on protecting digital assets from unauthorized access, theft, and damage from cyber threats such as viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and other forms of cybercrime. 

Cybersecurity measures include firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and security policies and procedures.

Cloud security, on the other hand, is concerned with safeguarding data and infrastructure hosted in the cloud. 

This involves safeguarding access to cloud-based applications, data, and services, as well as putting in place safeguards against data breaches, data loss, and other cloud-related security threats.

Identity and access management, encryption, data backup and recovery, and regulatory compliance are all examples of cloud security methods.

Cybersecurity and cloud security are both key components of an overall security strategy.

Finally, while developing a comprehensive security plan to address the particular demands of your firm, it is critical to include both cybersecurity and cloud security.

10 Best Cloud Security Companies

This list highlights the leading firms known for their innovation, robust security measures, and comprehensive services that ensure the safety and integrity of cloud environments.

  • Zscaler: Delivers secure access to applications and services regardless of location.
  • Qualys: Offers cloud-based security and compliance solutions for IT, security, and compliance departments.
  • Symantec (Broadcom): Features a broad range of cloud security products and threat intelligence.
  • Intruder: Specializes in vulnerability scanning and proactive security monitoring.
  • Palo Alto Networks: Offers advanced security solutions with a focus on automation and analytics.
  • LookOut: Known for its mobile security solutions and cloud security platform.
  • Sophos: Provides comprehensive security solutions, including endpoint protection and firewall management.
  • Detectify: Provides continuous web application scanning and vulnerability management to secure cloud environments.
  • Fortinet: Known for its FortiGate firewall and extensive cloud security solutions.
  • Cisco Cloud Security: Delivers a robust cloud security suite, including firewall, VPN, and threat intelligence.

10 Best Cloud Security Companies Features

Cloud Security CompanyFeaturesStandout FeatureCloud SolutionsComplianceFree Trial Period
1.Zscaler1.Secure Internet Access
2.Zero Trust Architecture
3.Cloud Application Security
4.Advanced Threat Protection
5.SSL Inspection
6.Data Loss Prevention
7.Scalable Cloud Platform
Zero Trust secure internet access.Secure internet access, cloud application security, zero trust architecturePCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 2700130 days
2. Qualys1.Continuous vulnerability assessment
2.Cloud-based security platform
3.Real-time threat detection
4.Policy compliance monitoring
5.Asset discovery and inventory
6.Web application scanning
7.Comprehensive reporting and analytics
Comprehensive cloud-based vulnerability management.Cloud-based security and compliance solutions, vulnerability managementPCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 2700130 days
3. Symantec1.Advanced Threat Protection
2.Data Loss Prevention
3.Cloud Security Gateway
4.Endpoint Security Solutions
5.Network Security Analytics
6.Threat Intelligence Services
7.Compliance and Risk Management
Advanced Threat Protection.Broad cloud security suite, advanced threat protection, data loss preventionPCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 230 days
4. Intruder1.Continuous Vulnerability Scanning
2.Automated Security Testing
3.Proactive Threat Monitoring
4.Easy Integration
5.Detailed Security Reports
6.Compliance Auditing
7.Customizable Alerting System
Automated vulnerability scanning and monitoring.Automated vulnerability scanning, proactive security monitoringPCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 2700114 days
5. Palo Alto Networks1.Advanced Threat Prevention
2.AI-Powered Security Analytics
3.Cloud Security Solutions
4.Zero Trust Architecture
5.Next-Gen Firewall Protection
6.Automated Threat Detection
7.Comprehensive Network Security
Advanced Threat Prevention with AI analytics.Comprehensive cloud security, next-gen firewall, AI-powered analyticsPCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST30 days
6. LookOut1.Mobile Threat Defense
2.Phishing Protection
3.Data Loss Prevention
4.Endpoint Security
5.Cloud Access Security
6.App Risk Management
7.Threat Intelligence Platform
Mobile threat defense and security.Mobile threat defense, endpoint security, cloud access securityPCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAANo free trial
7. Sophos1.Next-Gen Endpoint Protection
2.Firewall Security
3.Ransomware Protection
4.Cloud Security Management
5.AI-Driven Threat Detection
6.Email Security
7.Secure Web Gateway
Synchronized Security for integrated protection.Next-gen endpoint protection, firewall security, cloud managementPCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 2700130 days
8.Detectify1.Continuous web application scanning
2.Automated security assessments
3.Comprehensive vulnerability management
4.Real-time threat detection
5.Easy integration and deployment
6.Detailed reporting and analytics
7.Regular updates and improvements
Continuous web application security scanning.Continuous web application scanning, vulnerability managementPCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA14 days
9. Fortinet1.Next-Gen Firewall
2.Unified Threat Management
3.Advanced Threat Protection
4.Secure SD-WAN
5.Cloud Security Services
6.Endpoint Protection
7.Network Access Control
Next-generation firewall (FortiGate).FortiGate firewall, unified threat management, advanced threat protectionPCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, NISTNo free trial
10. Cisco Cloud1.Cloud Security Gateway
2.Advanced Threat Intelligence
3.Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
4.Zero Trust Security
5.Cloud Data Loss Prevention
6.Secure Internet Gateway
7.Multi-Cloud Protection
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).Secure access service edge, multi-cloud protection, threat intelligencePCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2No free trial

10 Best Cloud Security Companies in 2024

1. Zscaler
2. Qualys
3. Symantec
4. Intruder
5. Palo Alto Networks
6. LookOut
7. Sophos
8. Detectify
9. Fortinet
10. Cisco Cloud

1. Zscaler


Year : 2007

Location :

Location : San Jose, California, United States

Zscaler’s cloud security platform offers secure web gateways, cloud firewalls, cloud sandboxing, and data loss prevention.

Company deployment choices include hybrid solutions that interface with security infrastructure and cloud-based solutions.

Security services are subscription-based and priced by user count and service quality.

Its cloud technology secures internet and cloud app access for individuals and devices worldwide.

Zscaler’s large data center network filters and checks traffic for security hazards before transmitting it to its destination.

The Zscaler cloud firewall service delivers a next-generation firewall for multiple devices and locations.

The service offers intrusion prevention, enhanced threat protection, and granular policy control.

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day attack can be analyzed and detected in the cloud sandbox.

The service aims to provide automatic response and real-time threat intelligence.

Zscaler’s cloud application control solution monitors and controls SaaS and IaaS applications.

The solution helps companies enforce policies and prevent data loss.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Can be deployed across multiple locations and devices
  • Secure Web Gateway to filter out threats 
  • Next-generation cloud firewall
  • Cloud sandbox
  • Visibility and control over cloud applications, 
  • Policy-based controls
  • Centralized policy management
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Fast, resilient, and secure1. Performance and latency issues
2. Scalable architecture2.Potential data privacy concerns
3. An integrated approach to cloud security3. Dependence on a single provider
4. Centralized reporting

2. Qualys


Year : 2000

Location : Foster City, California, United States

Qualys provides cloud security and compliance solutions.

The company sells security products and services to help businesses protect their IT infrastructure and data against cyberattacks.

Cloud, web application, compliance monitoring, threat protection, and vulnerability management are Qualys’ products.

Innovative security and integrated IT security are the company’s hallmarks.

Qualys cloud-based platform lets customers swiftly implement and manage security solutions across their IT infrastructure, including on-premises, cloud, and mobile environments.

Cloud security solutions from Qualys assist organizations protect their cloud infrastructures against cloud-specific threats.

Continuous cloud infrastructure monitoring for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, automatic compliance checks, and cloud workload protection are included.

By integrating the solutions into a single platform, a business may see its complete IT infrastructure’s security posture.

This simplifies cleanup and threat and vulnerability identification and prioritization. The company creates scalable, affordable solutions.

Cloud-based platforms eliminate the need for on-premises gear and software, and subscription-based pricing lets enterprises pay only for what they need.

It helps firms comply with legal and sector-specific standards using services and technologies.

Dashboard and report customization, automated compliance scanning and reporting, and interaction with external compliance solutions are included.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Automatically finds and shows all network assets in your company.
  • Online application security checks using the OWASP Top 10 and additional criteria.
  • Simplifies security upgrades for vulnerable systems.
  • Cloud hardware and services are constantly monitored and assessed for security.
  • Helps identify, evaluate, and resolve events.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Easy to use 1.Limited Third-Party Integrations
2. Automated scans2. Technically complexity due to a steep learning curve 
3. Reliable solution 
4. Single-click quarantine quick patch

3. Symantec


Year : 2007 

Location : Tempe, Arizona, United States

Broadcom purchased Symantec, a cloud security business that provides full protection for organizations’ cloud environments, from public cloud workloads to employee cloud applications and services.

The solutions swiftly identify and stop cyber threats using cutting-edge technologies and threat intelligence.

They enable enterprises to implement data protection rules and comply with laws by providing visibility and control over cloud resources.

Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) from Symantec protects workloads in public cloud environments including AWS, Azure, and GCP. Threat prevention, vulnerability management, and compliance monitoring for cloud workloads.

Symantec CloudSOC gives visibility and control over cloud applications and services.

It helps companies enforce data protection standards, identify and remove threats, and ensure cloud compliance.

The Endpoint Protection Cloud protects servers, laptops, and desktops.

It detects and blocks attacks in real time using machine learning and other modern technologies.

SEPC blocks unwanted access to corporate resources using web filtering and device control.

Symantec Cloud Email Security (CES) protects against spam, malware, and phishing. Advanced threat intelligence and machine learning stop email threats before they reach the user.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Stops harmful websites, phishing attempts, and unwanted downloads.
  • Includes settings to assist parents monitor their kids’ online activity.
  • Guards cellphones and desktops from attacks.
  • Updates virus definitions and security features regularly to combat new threats.
  • Technical and security issues are addressed by customer support.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Secure remote work 1. Limited integration with other security tools
2. Consistent Compliance2. Performance impact on older hardware endpoints.
3. Automation3. Complex to configure and manage.
4. Advanced threat detection 

4. Intruder


Year : 2015

Location : London, England, United Kingdom

An intruder is a cloud-based security startup that uses automated and manual testing to find vulnerabilities in web apps, networks, and cloud infrastructure.

Intruder provides vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, compliance reporting, and incident response.

Their software is simple and delivers actionable information and remedial assistance to help users swiftly fix security issues.

It finds vulnerabilities in web applications, networks, and cloud infrastructure via automated vulnerability scanning, manual pen-testing, reporting and remediation, and continuing monitoring.

Intruder automates online application, network, and cloud infrastructure vulnerability scanning.

It detects SQL injection, XSS, and insecure setups. After finding vulnerabilities, Intruder provides detailed reports with solutions.

The reports are easy to comprehend and provide essential information to help organizations solve security issues immediately.

The Intruder platform also provides real-time threat intelligence and notifications to help businesses stay ahead of threats, as well as continuing testing and scanning to uncover new vulnerabilities.

In addition to security services, Intruder provides resources and tools to assist businesses remain current on cybersecurity threats and best practices.

The site features a blog, seminars, and educational materials.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Users can select scan targets and exclude files to customize scans.
  • Checks cloud systems and services for security by scanning and evaluating them.
  • Rates APIs for vulnerabilities and security.
  • Aids in making the process of fixing weaknesses easier.
  • Fits startups and large companies.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Easy-to-use platform 1.Limited availability of services
2. Flexible pricing plans2. Reliance on external experts
3. Comprehensive security assessments3. Potential learning curve
4. Experienced security experts

5. Palo Alto Networks

Alto Networks

Year : 2014

Location : Santa Clara, California, United States

Palo Alto Networks provides firewalls, endpoint protection, cloud security, threat intelligence, and security management.

Cloud security products and services from the organization are trusted worldwide.

It sells cloud security products and services to help businesses secure their public, private, and hybrid cloud applications and infrastructure.

Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud and GlobalProtect Cloud Service are popular cloud security products.

Prisma Cloud provides multi-cloud and hybrid security, while GlobalProtect Cloud Service provides cutting-edge protection for remote workers and branch offices.

For hybrid and multi-cloud setups, Prisma Cloud protects cloud workloads, networks, and applications.

Compliance monitoring, serverless security, and container security are also available in Prisma Cloud.

GlobalProtect Cloud Service provides safe access to cloud apps and data and cyber defense for branch offices and remote workers.

Secure access to cloud applications and data from any location, advanced threat prevention, and a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) that improves application performance and lowers costs are included to protect users and data in the cloud.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Watches user behavior for abnormalities and insider threats.
  • Protects modern cloud infrastructure and cloud-native applications.
  • Ensures security methods meet regulations.
  • Offers automation to streamline security tasks and responses.
  • Fits small and large companies.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Strong Reputation1. Expensive solution 
2. Easy to deploy and manage 2. User-interface is not much intuitive
3. Excellent customer support3. Complex without significant in-house IT resources.
4. Wealth of resources

6. LookOut

Best Cloud Security Companies

Year : 2008

Location:  Amsterdam, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C, Boston

Lookout delivers cloud security companies & solutions to protect individuals from mobile and digital threats.

The company offers mobile endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and secure access.

Its services are simple to setup and manage.

App stores or MDM solutions can install the mobile endpoint security solution.

Lookout’s mobile endpoint security protects against malware, phishing, and network attack.

The system comprises device management, mobile threat intelligence, and threat detection.

The system includes a device-based mobile app and a cloud-based threat platform.

The mobile app employs machine learning algorithms to identify and stop attacks in real time, while the cloud-based platform analyzes data from the mobile app and a worldwide network of sensors to detect potential risks.

Lookout’s threat intelligence service provides real-time mobile and digital threat data.

The service detects emerging dangers using machine learning techniques from worldwide sensor data.

Lookout sensors monitor mobile and digital threats like malware, phishing scams, and network-based attacks worldwide.

It can spot new dangers by detecting patterns and trends in real time.

Secure remote access to enterprise apps and data is available from Lookout.

The solution offers multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and VPN security.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Checks user and app behavior for anomalies and security concerns.
  • Protects iOS and Android devices.
  • Creates a single security environment with corporate security tools.
  • Protects mobile apps and devices in cloud-based settings.
  • Fits small and large companies.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Big range of industry partnerships1. Mobile endpoint security has limited coverage
2. Comprehensive coverage  2. Not compatible with every type of device. 
3. Secure browsing

7. Sophos

Best Cloud Security Companies

Year : 1985

Location : Abingdon, United Kingdom

Cloud security solutions from Sophos help enterprises safeguard their data, networks, and endpoints from cyberattacks.

Company cloud security solutions include Endpoint Protection, Firewall, Email Security, and Cloud Security.

Sophos Cloud Security is SaaS and available from anywhere via a web console.

Business may easily manage their security needs from a central place without on-premises gear or software.

It offers cloud-based firewalls with intrusion prevention, application management, and content filtering.

The firewall filters traffic and blocks unauthorized access to protect networks from cyberattacks.

Sophos Cloud Security protects Windows, Mac, and mobile endpoints.

Anti-malware, site filtering, and device control are included.

Anti-malware security includes real-time threat detection and proactive prevention against known and unknown threats. Web filtering lets businesses block hazardous websites and other online threats.

Businesses can control device access to their networks with device control.

In addition to spam and phishing prevention, Sophos’ email security blocks hazardous attachments.

Email security uses cutting-edge threat detection to halt email-borne attacks before they reach users.

Cloud firewalls, CASBs, and workload protection are available from Sophos Cloud Security.

The cloud firewall filters traffic and blocks unwanted access to cloud infrastructure to prevent cyberattacks.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Network Firewalling
  • Detect Insecure Deployments
  • Automated Threat Response
  • Real-time threat intelligence
  • Multi-platform support  including Windows, Mac, and mobile devices
  • Centralized management console
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Optimize Cloud Costs1. High resource usage
2. Zero risk 2. Limited reporting 
3. User-friendly interface3. Compatibility issues with some legacy systems and apps. 
4. Sophos Cloud Security is scalable

8. Detectify


Year : 2019.

Location : Sweden and the USA.

Cloud-based web application security startup Detectify automates website and application security testing.

Customers may start security testing immediately with the company’s cloud-based method without buying expensive hardware or software.

The Detectify software finds web application and API security problems using automated scans and ethical hacking.

The platform detects SQL injection, XSS, and weak cryptography.

It also provides real-time vulnerability screening and monitoring for web applications and APIs, allowing users to identify and address security risks.

Detectify has a staff of qualified security researchers who can manually penetration test and provide customized security assessments in addition to its automated security testing solutions.

Detectify’s external attack surface management services test and monitor an organization’s external assets to identify and assess security concerns.

This involves finding outdated software, insecure passwords, and misconfigured servers.

Detectify’s external attack surface management services let enterprises assess their security posture by centralizing their externally facing assets.

In addition to external attack surface management, Detectify offers API security testing, Web security testing, Cloud infrastructure testing, and vulnerability research to help businesses secure their web applications.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Detectify leverages a global network of security professionals to detect new vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • It detects web application API vulnerabilities through API scanning.
  • It helps you locate and manage web app assets. .
  • Detectify’s UI is simple for security professionals and developers.
  • Suitable for sole proprietorships and global organizations.
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Continuous monitoring1. Complex to set up
2. Automation2. Limited customization 
3. Actionable Insights3. False positives 
4. Advanced reports.

9. Fortinet

Best Cloud Security Companies

Year : 2000

Location : Sunnyvale, California, United States

Fortinet cloud security solutions safeguard networks, devices, and applications against cyberattacks.

Cloud security solutions from the company enable visibility and security for public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Cloud security solutions from Fortinet offer enhanced threat protection, centralized management, and seamless integration with other Fortinet security products.

Company offerings include FortiGate Cloud, FortiWeb Cloud, FortiCASB, FortiMail Cloud, and FortiCWP.

FortiGate Cloud secures cloud infrastructure and applications.

It offers intrusion prevention, application control, SSL inspection, and web filtering to combat cyberattacks.

FortiCASB provides visibility and control over cloud services and applications.

It helps companies locate and analyze their cloud use, enforce security requirements, and prevent data loss.

FortiWeb Cloud, a cloud-based web application firewall, blocks common web exploits.

Threat intelligence, threat protection, and real-time monitoring detect and neutralize threats before they cause harm.

FortiCWP provides real-time cloud workload visibility, protection, and compliance.

Vulnerability scanning, continuous monitoring, and compliance reporting help firms detect and address cloud security concerns.

FortiMail Cloud protects users from phishing, ransomware, and hacked business emails.

It protects against email-based threats using anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-malware.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Centralized management 
  • Advanced threat prevention
  • Advanced application-layer cloud-security controls
  • Gateway security
  • Wireless Access Point Management
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Professional and support services1. Can be complex to implement and manage
2. Seamless integration2. Vendor Lock-in makes it difficult to switch to another vendor in the future.
3. Excellent remote access service3. Not easily scalable
4. Wide partner network.

10. Cisco Cloud

Best Cloud Security Companies
Cisco Cloud

Year : 1984 

Location :  San Jose, California

Cisco Cloud is a collection of cloud-based goods and services that Cisco offers to assist businesses in running their workloads and applications in the cloud.

Cisco Cloud provides a range of cloud services and solutions that can help organizations with their cloud journey, including public, private, and hybrid cloud environments

Applications can be deployed and managed across various cloud environments using Cisco CloudCenter, which offers a single point of access. It gives businesses the freedom to move their workloads between different clouds and prevents vendor lock-in.

The Cisco Intersight platform offers a unified view of infrastructure across the data center and cloud environments.

It aids businesses in streamlining infrastructure management and automating repetitive tasks like patching and firmware updates. 

Cisco Meraki, a cloud-based network management tool, offers centralized management and oversight of network devices.

It provides organizations with a single dashboard to manage their network and enables them to quickly deploy new network devices and configure them remotely.

A variety of communication and collaboration tools, such as online meetings, messaging, file sharing, and whiteboarding are available through Cisco Webex, a cloud-based collaboration platform.

It provides security features like end-to-end encryption and access controls while also assisting organizations in enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Cisco Umbrella offers defense against a variety of dangers, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

It allows businesses to enforce security policies across their network and gives them visibility into their online activity. 

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Wide range of cloud management solutions
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Monitoring and analytics capabilities
  • Integration with other Cisco security solutions
  • The capability of  governance and cost management 
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
1. Flexibility to choose the cloud environment1. Vendor Lock-In
2. Robust customer support2. Complex to manage
3. Collaboration 3. Security and privacy concerns
4 End-to-end encryption


Finally, cloud security firms play an important role in assisting corporations in protecting their data, apps, and infrastructure in the cloud. These firms specialize in solving the particular security concerns of cloud computing and provide a variety of services and solutions to assist corporations in securing their cloud-based services and applications.

The need for cloud security services and solutions is predicted to rise as more firms utilize cloud computing to increase their agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Selecting the proper cloud security firm is a significant choice, and businesses should carefully consider the provider’s experience, skills, and industry reputation.

Organizations can harness the benefits of cloud computing while guaranteeing the security and compliance of their data and services with the proper cloud security partner.

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