AWS Network Access Security

AWS (Amazon Web Services) network access refers to the methods and services that allow users and applications to connect to AWS resources, services, and the internet.

AWS offers a comprehensive set of networking services to support cloud computing. These services enable secure and scalable connectivity for your applications, facilitate the creation of isolated networks within the cloud, and connect your physical network to your AWS resources.

Secure AWS network access security encompasses the strategies, tools, and practices to protect data, applications, and resources accessed or hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment from unauthorized access, attacks, or data breaches.

AWS provides various security features and services that customers can use to secure their network access. These mechanisms are designed to provide both flexibility and robust AWS security controls to meet the requirements of different applications and compliance standards.

Network security leaders such as Perimeter81 offer AWS Network Access Security to Secure your cloud environment and provide private network access to AWS resources and applications. Try Free Demo.

What are the AWS Network Access Features & Services?

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Provides a logically isolated area of the AWS Cloud where you may deploy AWS resources in a virtual network you configure. You may choose your IP address range, create subnets, and configure route tables and network gateways in your virtual networking environment.

AWS Direct Connect: A dedicated network connection to AWS from your premises. This service can save network expenses, boost bandwidth, and improve network consistency across internet connections.

Amazon Route 53: A scalable and highly available Domain Name System (DNS) web service that converts names like into numeric IP addresses like for developers and businesses to route end users to Internet applications.

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB): Distributes application traffic among Amazon EC2 instances, containers, IP addresses, and Lambda functions. It can handle fluctuating application traffic in one or more Availability Zones.

Amazon CloudFront: A developer-friendly CDN that securely distributes data, videos, apps, and APIs to consumers worldwide with minimal latency and high transfer rates.

AWS Transit Gateway: Connects Amazon VPCs and on-premises networks to one gateway. AWS Transit Gateway lets you construct and manage a single connection from a central gateway to each Amazon VPC, on-premises data center, or remote office in your network.

Secure your instances and VPC by controlling inbound and outgoing traffic with Security Groups and Network Access Control Lists (NACLs).

How do you secure the AWS Cloud Environment using a network security provider?

To secure your AWS cloud environment using a network security provider like Perimeter 81, follow these concise steps:

  1. Integrate Perimeter 81 with AWS: Set up your Perimeter 81 account and integrate it with your AWS environment through VPN or direct connectors to your AWS VPCs.
  2. Define Secure Networks: Use Perimeter 81 to create secure networks encapsulating your AWS resources, ensuring clear boundaries are set.
  3. Implement Access Controls: Configure access policies in Perimeter 81 to manage who can access what within your AWS resources, employing role-based access control (RBAC) and enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  4. Segment Networks: Segment your network to separate access between different environments (e.g., development, staging, production) within AWS.
  5. Monitor and Manage Traffic: Leverage Perimeter 81’s capabilities include inspecting and monitoring network traffic and using Secure Web Gateways to filter out harmful traffic.
  6. Enforce Zero Trust Application Access: Adopt Zero Trust principles for application access, verifying all users and devices while limiting access strictly to necessary resources.
  7. Continuous Monitoring and Auditing: Use Perimeter 81’s monitoring tools for real-time alerts and conduct regular security audits to ensure compliance and adjust policies as needed.
  8. Educate Your Team: Ensure your team knows best security practices and the importance of maintaining a secure cloud environment.

AWS Network Access Security Companies and its Features

AWS Network Access Security SolutionsKey Features
1. Perimeter 811. Scalable cloud-edge infrastructure
2. Real-time security monitoring
3. Granular AWS access monitoring
4. Top-notch traffic encryption
5. Actionable intelligence from analytics
2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security1. Fine-grained security policy enforcement
2. Extensive traffic visibility
3. Active risk protection
4. Central management
3. Palo Alto Networks1. Cloud-native NGFW service
2. App-ID, URL filtering,
3. SSL/TLS decryption
4. Zero maintenance is required for their cloud services.
5. Rapid deployment capabilities for immediate protection.
4. Fortinet1. Integrated security suite
2. High-performance VPN access
3. Cloud-native visibility
4. Advanced threat protection
5. Centralized management
5. CheckPoint1. Advanced threat prevention against both known and unknown threats.
2. Seamless integration with AWS services.
3. Automated security policy management.
4. Network and application security
6. Trend Micro1. 15+ AWS competencies
2. Attack surface risk management
3. Extended detection & response
4. Proactive threat defense
7. Sophos1. Infrastructure Visibility
2. Continuous compliance
3. DevSecOps tools
4. Amazon Linux support
5. Workload and data protection
8. McAfee1. RDP security enhancement recommendations​​.
2. VPN with strong 256-bit AES encryption​​.
3. Identity monitoring for personal information​​.
4. Compliance assistance, Data Security
5. Threat protection and visibility features.
9. Cisco Systems1. Integrated security services
2. Cloud workload protection
3. Secure network connectivity
4. firewall protection, intrusion prevention systems
5. cloud security solutions
10. F5 Networks1. Multi-cloud service consistency
2. Secure AWS workloads
3. Simplified application migration
4. Auto Scaling and High Availability
5. Multi-Zone Availability

Best AWS Network Access Security Companies – 2024

  • Perimeter 81
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Fortinet
  • CheckPoint
  • Trend Micro
  • Sophos
  • McAfee
  • Cisco Systems
  • F5 Networks

1. Perimeter 81

Boosts efficiency with a flexible cloud-edge setup, continuous security surveillance, detailed AWS access tracking, high-quality traffic encryption, and valuable insights from analytics to detect network risks.

Empower users to send data collected on their networks to their Amazon S3 bucket and enhance access controls to achieve specific business and compliance objectives.

Empower organizations to access cloud resources efficiently and securely from any location worldwide.

Set up a site-to-site IPSec connection between your AWS resources and the Perimeter 81 network to create a secure and reliable communication link for the team to work remotely.

Advanced monitoring involves analytics and data managed by security experts to help detect anomalies from routine events.


  • Avoid wasting time on unnecessary alerts with round-the-clock AWS cloud security monitoring and expert management.
  • Perimeter81 monitoring system involves analytics and data managed by our security experts to help you spot any irregularities among regular events.
  • It’s crucial to have accurate event logs and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance with standards.
  • When accounts are left unsecured, cybercriminals can easily access cloud resources and navigate through the corporate network. One way to address this issue is by restricting permissions to the minimum necessary level.
  • Transitioning to AWS may seem overwhelming. We’ll set up our security infrastructure quickly to protect your corporate data.
Enables least privilege accessIt may require technical expertise to setup
Saves money using AWS data centersLimited information on support quality
Increases productivity

Perimeter81 – Trial / Demo

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security

Utilizing Network and Application Protection on AWS allows you to effortlessly expand inspection and protection features to ensure the continuous availability of workloads without needing to handle infrastructure management.

Enhance the network and application security on AWS with real-time traffic visibility, allowing for fine-grained filtering, monitoring, and logging regardless of the port or protocol.

Offers control over traffic flow to prevent unauthorized access, potential weaknesses, performance issues, and data breaches.

This involves safeguarding against typical web attacks, blocking data transfers through harmful DNS queries, and implementing advanced DDoS protections for protecting web applications.

Managing firewall rules and security event reporting on AWS is centralized, making it easier to ensure policy compliance across the components of the system.


  • Supervises encryption keys and user access.
  • Provides threat detection that constantly keeps an eye out for suspicious or illegal activities.
  • Protects against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with controlled services.
  • Checks programs automatically for security flaws or non-standard behavior.
  • A web application firewall can help keep malicious websites and their apps safe from frequent online attacks.
Real-time traffic monitoringPotential for high costs
Comprehensive threat defenseRequires AWS ecosystem integration
Unified firewall rule management

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security – Trial / Demo

3. Palo Alto Networks

 AWS Network Access Security

Palo Alto Networks is explicitly designed for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments and provides a next-generation firewall service known as Cloud NGFW for AWS.

For deployment within AWS Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), it is a cloud-native solution that can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace.

Explicitly designed to safeguard AWS cloud infrastructures, this service offers fundamental Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) functionality such as App-ID, URL filtering, SSL/TLS decryption, and more.

It enables enterprises to maintain a solid security posture more efficiently while embracing the benefits of cloud computing by simplifying the maintenance of security rules.

It integrates seamlessly with AWS services to provide visibility and control over traffic, ensuring robust protection against risks without compromising AWS’s flexibility and scalability.


  • A solution for network and security services that provides secure access at the service edge (SASE).
  • Protects applications against potential dangers by making them apparent and controllable.
  • Presents Prisma Cloud, a solution that offers complete protection for cloud workloads.
  • It uses machine learning to ward off both known and unknown dangers.
  • Monitors for and blocks newly discovered malware in real time.
Integrates with AWS VPCCost can be high
Scalable protectionlearning curve for new users
Simplified deployment

Palo Alto Networks – Trial / Demo

4. Fortinet

 AWS Network Access Security

Provides a range of security solutions that seamlessly integrate with AWS to deliver thorough threat protection for networks, applications, and platforms.

The enterprise-grade fully managed next-generation firewall-as-a-service that FortiGate CNF on AWS Network Access Security Operations.

With usage-based licensing, FortiFlex allows businesses to decide how much to spend on AWS and hybrid environment security and what size service to use.

The Fortinet Security Fabric directly interfaces with AWS to provide complete and fully customizable multilayer security and threat-prevention capabilities.

Organizations may develop consistent protection in a shared responsibility model with the help of Fortinet cloud security solutions for AWS settings.


  • Provides sophisticated security features, including deep packet inspection.
  • Provides cloud-based networking and security services.
  • Keeps apps safe by fixing the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and other security flaws.
  • A security broker for cloud access that protects from threats, data security, compliance, and transparency.
  • It boosts safety and connectivity to the cloud by allowing individuals to securely access the internet directly.
Scalable for various sizesIt can be complex to configure
Strong network performanceCosts may be high for small businesses
Seamless AWS integration

Fortinet – Trial / Demo

5. CheckPoint

 AWS Network Access Security

To make the cloud migration process secure and straightforward, CheckPoint and AWS removed security barriers.

Customers’ workloads are safeguarded using CloudGuard, whether hosted on-site, in a private cloud, or on AWS AWS Network Access Security.

Rapidly preventing, detecting, and correcting security misconfigurations is crucial for an effective enterprise cloud security strategy.

Cloud infrastructure must comply with international, federal, state, and local security regulations. Utilize efficient, automated compliance and governance processes across all public cloud environments.

Streamline incident analysis for configurations, posture, network traffic, and identity activity. Automate continuous intrusion detection, monitoring, and threat intelligence.


  • Offers public and hybrid cloud users powerful threat prevention capabilities with cloud-native security.
  • Protect against complex attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, and malware that hasn’t yet been discovered.
  • Provides first-rate security while running smoothly.
  • Includes endpoint security, threat hunting, and remediation in its entire offering.
  • A complete structure for network, cloud, and mobile security to prevent cyberattacks from Generation V.
Comprehensive security coverage.Cost can be a consideration for smaller organizations.
Easy deployment and scalability within AWS environments.Complexity in configuration and management for users unfamiliar with security or AWS.
Strong support for compliance and data protection.

CheckPoint – Trial / Demo

6. Trend Micro

 AWS Network Access Security

Empower the management of cyber risks by utilizing hybrid cloud security that emphasizes identifying internal and external attack surfaces, evaluating risks, prioritizing them, and implementing solutions.

Enhance the capacity to thwart threats more effectively by gaining a comprehensive view and deeper insights to identify, track, analyze, and address security breaches through customized hybrid cloud data correlation.

Rapidly detect, address, and manage security risks in the hybrid cloud setup using real-time protection methods for VMs, containers, storage, VPCs, IACs, repositories, databases, and APIs.

Trend was selected as the first security partner in AWS Managed Services, enhancing cloud adoption for enterprises and simplifying daily cloud operations, including important security tasks provided by Trend.


  • A platform that provides security services to cloud builders, including protection for workloads and containers.
  • Ensures the safety of servers in the cloud, on-premises, and virtually.
  • This endpoint security solution provides enhanced automated threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Strengthens the defenses against threats and data breaches for SaaS applications.
  • Provides protection and transparency in a hybrid cloud setting.
Broad security coverageComplexity for new users
Attack surface managementPotential cost implications
Fast threat response

Trend Micro – Trial / Demo

7. Sophos

 AWS Network Access Security

Check the AWS Network Access Security environments to minimize the risk of potential threats, address security vulnerabilities, and ensure adherence to regulations.

Protect company data and infrastructure with adaptable host and container workload security today and in the future.

Ensure that the least privilege is implemented throughout the AWS environments and proactively manage the AWS identities to prevent exploitation.

Utilize SophosLabs Intelix APIs to develop secure web applications that automatically check for threats and conduct anti-malware scans.

Using a single pre-configured Amazon EC2 instance combines several industry-leading security solutions to defend the hybrid cloud environments against network attacks.

By utilizing a combination of machine learning, advanced analytics, and rule-based matching approaches, Sophos NDR continuously analyzes both encrypted and unencrypted network traffic to identify suspicious actions that may be signs of attacker activity.


  • Innovative endpoint security using deep learning architecture.
  • Provides advancements in firewall visibility, protection, and response for next-gen security.
  • All Sophos products may be managed on a single platform.
  • AI powers cloud security and visibility for public cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, Azure, and Amazon Web Services.
  • Secure email gateway in the cloud that blocks malicious, spam, and phishing emails.
Extensive AWS integrationComplexity in setup for beginners
Single console managementPotential for higher costs with advanced features
Continuous compliance and guidance

Sophos – Trial / Demo

8. McAfee

 AWS Network Access Security

Emphasizes offering complete cybersecurity solutions like VPN, antivirus, and identity and privacy protection services.

Offering security against viruses, internet fraud, and identity theft using AI-powered technologies, products are geared toward consumers and families.

Services such as real-time device protection, internet privacy via VPNs, personal data cleanup, and identity theft coverage and restoration meet various cybersecurity demands.


  • A cloud access security broker (CASB) provides data protection for all cloud services.
  • It provides Windows and mobile users with cutting-edge threat protection.
  • Advanced threat protection for hybrid situations with next-gen IPS technology.
  • Provides end-to-end solutions for protecting websites.
  • Avoids the loss, misuse, or alteration of confidential information stored in the cloud, on-premises, and in transit.
User-friendly VPN experience​​.performance impact on devices
Effective identity monitoring alerts​​.complexities in the user interface 
Comprehensive customer support​​.

McAfee – Trial / Demo

9. Cisco Systems

 AWS Network Access Security

Cisco and AWS have joined forces to simplify the cloud journey for businesses, building trust, minimizing complexity, and encouraging innovation.

The software-defined repeatable blueprints, uniform global footprint, and robust framework that AWS and Cisco offer are essential for connecting hybrid cloud systems, streamlining cloud migration, and enabling employees to work remotely securely.

To safeguard data today and in the future, enterprises can utilize Cisco Security on AWS to obtain visibility and control throughout their AWS environment.

Enhance the on-premises setups by migrating to AWS with top-notch security features and enjoying cost savings through flexible subscription pricing.

Operate Cisco Cyber Vision from the AWS cloud to enhance visibility into the industrial security posture and OT assets.


  • Security platform in the cloud that provides DNS-layer protection, a firewall, a secure web gateway, and CASB capabilities.
  • Complete protection against threats at every stage of an assault.
  • Blocking malware at its entry point and preventing breaches is the goal of endpoint protection.
  • Application security in the cloud with multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • A comprehensive, automated security platform that spans all Cisco security products, allowing for complete visibility.
Advanced threat protectionIt can be complex to configure
Extensive network coverageRequires technical expertise
Reliable cloud infrastructure

Cisco Systems – Trial / Demo

10. F5 Networks

To speed up cloud migrations, safeguard cloud apps, and enhance the user experience with AWS cloud services, F5 provides a comprehensive portfolio that operates throughout the hybrid cloud estate.

Establish uniformity in service delivery across all the applications in multiple cloud environments. Streamline application delivery using flexible container environments.

Gain insight and in-depth data for AWS applications in one convenient place. Defend the applications against common attacks without requiring updates to the apps.

Ensure, streamline, and consolidate user access to apps, APIs, and data.

Quickly deploy, secure, and manage applications across different cloud platforms using a unified software stack and management portal.

Protect the apps and network from encrypted threats that can infiltrate through various attack points across different layers. 


  • Makes sure apps can handle fluctuations in demand by spreading them out over multiple servers.
  • Keeps applications safe against bot attacks and online vulnerabilities.
  • To improve application performance, traffic is distributed among servers.
  • It makes it easier to deploy F5 solutions in AWS settings automatically and repeatedly.
  • Ensures high availability by allowing deployment across AWS Availability Zones.
Automates application deliveryComplexity in deployment
Enhances app securityIt may require specialized skills.
Provides detailed analytics

F5 Networks – Trial / Demo


Cloud settings can be better protected from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape with the help of AWS Network Access Security Companies’ comprehensive range of solutions.

Companies in this space offer various solutions for securing cloud resources and data, including intrusion prevention systems, advanced firewalls, and identity and access management systems.

The auto-scaling, advanced threat protection, and cloud-native security features they provide are crucial for companies dealing with cloud security challenges.

Organizations may strengthen their cloud infrastructure’s vulnerability to threats and compliance with regulatory standards by using these innovative methods to obtain visibility, control, and security across all AWS deployments.


What Are AWS Network Access Security Companies?

Protecting data and applications hosted on AWS from cyber attacks is the specialty of AWS Network Access Security Companies. Web application firewalls (WAFs), intrusion detection systems (IDPSs), and compliance management tools designed for AWS environments are among the cloud-native security services they offer.

Can I Trial These Security Services Before Committing?

Many providers offer free trials or demo versions of their services, allowing you to evaluate their features and usability before making a financial commitment. Check each company’s website for trial options or contact their sales team for more information.

How Do I Choose the Right Security Company for My AWS Environment?

Finding the proper security provider depends on your demands, budget, and compliance. Consider the data you protect, your organization’s size, AWS complexity, and regulatory requirements. Review each company’s products, customer ratings, and case studies to assess their performance.

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