Automating Risk Analysis With Cloud Identity Governance: Introduction

When it comes to security on the cloud, the traditional tools and methods are usually not enough to provide you with the needed protection. Namely, establishing perfect cloud identity governance is vital to ensuring your data and digital assets are protected from breaches and leaks. 

One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is the scalability it offers, though this also raises some security challenges. As the number of identities increases, eventually, it becomes impossible to manage them all with manual practices. This is where automated software solutions come into play to help you sort things out.

Defining Risk Analysis

The process of identifying and assessing possible concerns that might have a negative effect on significant business efforts or projects is known as risk analysis. This procedure is carried out in order to assist companies in avoiding or mitigating hazards. 

This includes risks such as natural disasters, outages, and cyber-attacks. By performing a risk analysis, you should be able to determine the likelihood of those risks ever being realized, and also the magnitude of their impact. This information can be beneficial to your organization in multiple ways:

  • You will be able to compare risks and their negative impact from a financial aspect and correctly prioritize their remediation.
  • It will point out the holes and gaps in your security system and allow you to strengthen it in the areas that need improvement the most.
  • By obtaining empirical data on the negative effect of the risks posed to your organization, you will be able to better communicate security issues to higher management.
  • It will help you create more effective security practices and policies which is the least expensive way for your organization to improve its security.
  • It will provide you with the tools needed to set robust security controls in place that will ensure the mitigation of some of the most important security risks.
  • Your entire organization will better understand the financial implications of security risks and help you raise security awareness among your employees.

Why Automate Risk Analysis? Problems of Manual Risk Assessment

Up until recently, risk managers were able to manually perform risk analysis. They relied on spreadsheets and word processing tools to analyze the issues and come up with useful insights. However, with the move to the cloud, performing a manual risk assessment has become virtually impossible, largely due to a large number of users and services organizations nowadays have. A lot of the work needed to conduct a manual risk analysis is done by performing menial and repetitive tasks like collecting data from multiple sources and standardizing it. 

With the adoption of an automated risk assessment software solution, many of these processes are eliminated. These tools are able to give you a clear representation of the external and internal risks by providing you with real-time metrics. All of the necessary data is neatly presented onto a dashboard with graphs and charts that are easy to read. Real-time insight into the risks is something that is not possible with manual risk assessment because it simply takes too long to perform it. 

Another advantage that automated risk analysis has over the manual one is that everything is standardized with it – without the need for extra effort. This means that all employees across the entire organization can use the same templates, so it allows for easy communication and collaboration. Your security team will be able to instantly create reports that will be understandable for the higher management. This way, the executives in your organization will be included in mitigating the risks and security will play a bigger role in the decision-making processes of your company. 


Security is a major concern for any organization, and migration to the cloud can complicate things security-wise. Cloud identity governance is a big responsibility, as one small mistake can lead to major issues that are difficult to solve and recover from. This is why you should consider getting all of the help you can get your hands on regarding risk analysis. Automated risk assessment software solutions have the ability to provide you with real-time data with accuracy. This way, you will get the needed insight to address the risks posed to your company the right way and include higher management in the process. 

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