Android Phones Will Now Warn About Unknown Bluetooth Trackers, Including AirTags

Google has announced an alerting and manual scanning mechanism which can be used to find unknown tracker alerts. This feature will be rolled out to Android 6.0+ users by this month. 

In April 2021, Apple released AirTags, a device that can help locate lost items. These trackers are small, measuring just 3.2 cm, and can easily fit inside a wallet.

Apple mentioned that these trackers are “Stalker Proof” when launching AirTags.

However, there was a lawsuit filed against AirTags in early December 2022 when a woman filed a complaint regarding their estranged relationship partner tracking her without her consent, stating that Apple has failed to protect against unwanted trafficking.

Apple has released a safety guide for AirTags, addressing concerns about people being tracked without their permission. The guide also includes the Tracker Detect app for Android devices.

Google Can Now Protect Against Unwanted Trackers

Google’s new update mentions that Android will now be able to alert users when an unknown tracker is separated from its owner and traveling with them.

It also stated that Users can make a noise when an unknown tracker is detected.

Tracker alerts on Android Devices (Source: Google)

Once there is an alert, the user can get more information if they keep the tracker near the back of the phone which will give certain details like the serial number or additional information regarding the owner, like the last four digits of the phone number.

Users Can Disable Unknown Bluetooth Devices Physically

In addition to the alerting of the unknown tracker, the user can also get information on how to disable the tracker physically, which stops the owner of the tracker from receiving the location details.

Google also claimed that users can now scan their surroundings for unwanted trackers, which can help to secure themselves from unwanted tracking.

More information on Unknown tracker (Source: Google)

Google stated, “User safety and the prevention of unwanted location tracking is a top priority for Android”.

It was announced that Google has been working on the “Find My Device Network,” which can help the user track their belongings like microphones, luggage, etc.,

However, Google has been waiting for Apple to update protections on iOS until the Find My Device Network is kept on hold.

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