Ankur Agarwal, 45, of Montville, New Jersey, admitted his role in hacking two companies and stole their data. He pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge.

Agarwal was charged two counts for obtaining information from the computer and one count for identity theft. He admitted that he physically trespassed the company’s premises to install a hardware keylogger.

Hardware Keylogger Installed

By placing the hardware Key-logger within company infrastructure, he able to record employees’ keystrokes which provides him the employee login credentials.

“Agarwal also surreptitiously installed his personal computer and a hard drive onto the company’s computer network.”

By having a strong foothold in the company’s computer network, he targeted various employees in the organization including developing an emerging technology.

According to the court documents he admitted that “he stole, transferred, and exfiltrated Company One’s data and information, including its emerging technology.”

He also created an application to automatically transfer the data from the company software system to his home computer. With the second company, he followed the same methods to install hardware key-logger devices onto the company’s computers.

“With his personal computer and a hard drive attached to the company’s computer network, he stole, transferred, and exfiltrated Company details.”

Agarwal also created user account into the Employee’s computer by hacking into their computers. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 28, 2019.

For two counts of obtaining information from Company One and Company Two, he will get five years in prison and for one count of identity theft, he will get 2 years of jail.

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