Adobe Co-Founder And The Innovator Of PDF Files Passes At 82

Dr. John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe and creator of the PDF, passes away at age 82. The reason for death wasn’t disclosed.

Early in the 1980s, Warnock worked for Xerox; nevertheless, he eventually quit and helped Charles Geschke start Adobe. He later invented the Portable Document Format (PDF) as a result of his work with Adobe.

The innovative technology that started the desktop publishing revolution was their initial offering, Adobe PostScript. Dr. Warnock left his post as CEO in 2000 and continued to serve as board chairman until 2017. He shared this role with Dr. Geschke.

Dr. Warnock received the prestigious National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Barack Obama. 

Also, the Marconi Prize for contributions to information science and communications, the IEEE Computer Society’s Computer Entrepreneur Award, and the American Electronics Association’s Medal of Achievement.

John Warnock’s Technical Innovations And Intelligence

Adobe Chair and CEO Shantanu Narayen said that his technological breakthroughs and intellect transformed the globe. 

His foresight and drive made it possible for Adobe to produce ground-breaking breakthroughs like Illustrator, the widely used PDF file format, Acrobat, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, Adobe Co-Founder which helped to define the desktop era and open up opportunities and creativity for millions of people.

He had a tremendous influence on the way people communicate through words, images, and videos.

John had exceptional insight into the technology that would both satisfy customers and benefit the company. John and Marva, a graphics artist, set the bar for customer empathy by regularly using their products.

When Narayen visited John at the Acrobat’s 30th anniversary, following the celebration of Acrobat’s and PDF’s achievements in the world of communication, they spoke about Firefly’s potential for transforming the coming wave of creative technology.

“We talked about the potential of Firefly to transform the next generation of creative technology. With a twinkle in his eye, he said that he was amazed at the progress and as always had feedback on how we could make it better!” Narayen said.

Warnock’s Education

Warnock grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was born. The University of Utah awarded Warnock a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and philosophy, a Doctor of Philosophy degree in electrical engineering (computer science), and an honorary degree in science even though he failed mathematics in the ninth grade and graduated from Olympus High School in 1958.

The American Film Institute also awarded him an honorary degree. 

Warnock is survived by his wife, Marva Warnock, and their three children. His discoveries have had an enormous impact, but it is his unwavering attitude, enthusiasm, and conviction that establishing a firm with solid principles would have an even greater influence.

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