Accenture Hacked – Lockbit 2.0 Ransomware Hackers Demand M

LockBit ransomware has recently attacked the Fortune 500 consulting firm Accenture, but the report claimed that the conflict has not affected any of the operations, and luckily the experts have restored the affected systems from backups.

After knowing about the attack, Accenture confirmed it and notified its all clients via email, and they have also significantly downplayed its impact. 

However, in the report, the experts asserted that this attack was a high-profile attack that has planned to target all the clients through the silent provides that generally depend on IT services.

“Cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock also reported that Accenture has 2,500 compromised computers of employees and partners, this information was certainly used by threat actors.”

Hackers threatening to leak stolen data

After investigating the attack, that cybersecurity analysts have confirmed that the group that has initiated this attack by LockBit 2.0, and this ransomware group is continuously threatening to distribute all the files and data that they have stolen from Accenture in this recent cyberattack.

The threat actors also affirmed that in case the ransomware is not paid on a specific day then they will leak all the stolen data all over the internet.

But the most interesting fact is that LockBit has not yet shown any kind of proof that will be confirmed that they have stolen any data, that they are claiming to leak.

Hackers demanded $50 million as a ransom

After knowing about the attack, the security experts have decided to investigate this ransomware attack, and they came to know that the ransomware gang LockBit is claiming that they have stolen a massive amount of data from Accenture.

And after storing all the data and files they are now demanding a huge amount of lump sum money, that’s why the report pronounced that the threat actors of the Lock bit are demanding a $50 million ransom.

6 TB of files stolen

As we remarked above that the experts are demanding $50 million as a ransom, as they are claiming that they have stolen 6 TB of data from Accenture. 

Not only this but the hackers have also claimed that they have carried this attack with the help of an insider who allegedly still works at Accenture.

Apart from this, the security researchers from Hudson Rock have also reported that this ransomware has encrypted 2,500 computers of the company’s employees and partners.

Response of Accenture

Moreover, Accenture has confirmed this attack and pronounced that they are not going to pay the demanded ransomware that has been asked by the threat actors. 

Accenture has declared that luckily they have fully restored the systems that have been affected by the threat actors from backup. Not only this but Accenture has also claimed that there was no impact on Accenture’s operations or any of the clients’ systems.

While the analysts are still trying their best to know all the key details regarding this attack, however, it’s not yet revealed that when the attack was being exercised, when it was discovered, and alerted.

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