3TB of Clips From Home Security Camera Posted Online

The security researchers have recently detected that 3TB of clips from home security cameras are posted online. All these clips were videotaped from home security cameras starring people’s daily and even private lives too. 

We all know that security cameras play an important role in monitoring the children, the elderly, and pets. However, the group, which can be found on the social messaging platform Discord, has nearly 1,000 members worldwide.

And on Saturday, it has claimed to have distributed more than 3TB of clips with over 70 members, those who had paid a subscription fee of US$150 (S$203) for lifetime access.

Moreover, these security cameras are also a good target for cybercriminals, especially when a vast number of these devices are perceived to be vulnerable and opened to public access. 

According to the cybersecurity experts, the cybercriminals were ready to hack thousands of home Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, record live footage, and upload them on specific and x-rated websites.

Guide For All Members

The group asserted that they have a list of more than 50,000 hacked cameras that every member can get access to. Moreover, it also claims that VIP members will be explained how to “explore, watch live, and even record” hacked cameras by tutorials and personalized assemblies.

The solution architect for Asia-Pacific Check Point Software Technologies, Mr. Clement Lee, affirmed that many IP cameras are at risk because they are typically installed to be obtained remotely through the Internet.

Moreover, he also claimed that hacking IP cameras is possible if they are accessible from a central cloud service or displayed to the Internet, and hacking is the result of poor password management.

That’s why he advises that peoples with such cameras at home to secure their software and keep it up to date and should avoid using simple passwords.

Precautions to Secure IP Cameras

The public should make a police statement if they have any clue regarding the person who is engaged with such activities. And the experts have suggested some precautions to the public so that they can keep secure their IP cameras:-

  • Always use an IP camera from a trustworthy brand that offers strong security features.
  • Remember to update the software for the IP camera as soon as it is accessible.
  • Always prefer a strong password, and don’t forget to change it regularly. More importantly, do not use the default password that has arrived with the IP camera.

Not only this, but one can also add up other measures like whitelisting only one’s own device’s MAC addresses, selecting vendors with a focus on security, allowing a two-factor authentication, and lastly, using an encrypted connection to get access to the admin panel easily.

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