3 Key Ways VPNs Can Benefit Your Business

In an age when security and privacy have become major considerations on the Internet, VPNs have become a popular topic of discussion, and it’s no wonder, seeing as the industry has boomed to such an immense degree in recent years. The technology has soared in popularity, with individuals worldwide now utilizing VPNs to protect themselves online. However, the usefulness of VPNs is not strictly limited to personal use. In fact, the technology has applications in business and can bring considerable benefits to your enterprise should you choose to implement it. In this article, we’ll discuss the workings of VPNs and explore the ways in which this technology can help your business to thrive.

What VPNs Do

For a technology that offers such considerable utility, Virtual Private Networks are surprisingly simple in their workings. 


A VPN application gives users access to a network of servers located in a variety of geographical regions, allowing them to connect to those servers to establish a relay point for their Internet connections. This insulates users from the sites they visit, allowing them to browse the Internet freely without compromising their anonymity by revealing their device’s IP address. In addition, VPNs route user traffic through secure tunnels and, in doing so, apply encryption to their data to make their connections more secure. As such, VPNs can be considered as combined privacy and security solutions.

Notably, VPNs also come as desktop clients and browser plug-ins. Both serve similar functions, with the key difference being that browser extensions only secure browser traffic, rather than all device traffic. Both types of VPN applications are also available for free, with providers such as Urban VPN offering premium services at no cost, meaning there is no barrier to entry involved.

The Business Benefits of VPNs

As we’ve mentioned, VPNs can bring some real benefits to your company. The following are just some of the advantages of leveraging the technology for business use:

  1. Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Cybercrime is increasing year on year worldwide, which means that your business is at an increasingly high risk of a cyber attack if it operates online in any capacity. Given that a single breach can be enough to bring a small or medium-sized business to its knees, you’ll want to take every measure to protect your interests, and a VPN helps immensely.

By allowing you to conceal your business IP whenever you use the Internet, a VPN will enable you to prevent hackers from tracing your network. As such, it will be more difficult for them to mount an attack. In this way, the anonymity that VPNs provide can provide you with an important layer of insulation from cyber threats.

  1. Secure Remote Access

Remote working is becoming increasingly common nowadays, but it also comes with risks, chiefly unauthorized access to company networks. A VPN helps to protect against unauthorized access attempts.

When you or your employees utilize a VPN for remote access, you benefit from robust encryption protocols, which render data packets indecipherable. This means sensitive information cannot be exploited should it be intercepted by a malicious third party. As such, a VPN can allow you and your staff to safely access resources on company networks when working remotely, ensuring maximum productivity and collaboration with minimum risk.

  1. Meaningful Digital Marketing

To achieve genuine success in an increasingly digital business landscape, you will need to be able to generate momentum for your brand online. This means using social media and SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to get a read on consumer sentiment and market trends so that you can place and optimize your digital marketing content for optimal engagement. This can be challenging nowadays, however.  Targeted results pages can skew your research findings by tailoring them to your location, making it difficult to draw meaningful insights on foreign markets, while geo-blocks can prevent you from viewing or posting content in other parts of the world. Once again, VPNs come to the rescue.

With a VPN, you will have access to a wide variety of servers in different locations. By connecting to these servers, you can conceal your IP and your real location to simulate user traffic in other regions. As such, you will be able to generate more relevant search engine results for SEO and market research, as well as establish connections with key demographics on social media channels. As such, your business can drive engagement more effectively to fuel long-term growth.


VPNs have become extremely popular for personal use, but this versatile technology also offers crucial benefits when utilized for business purposes. By leveraging VPNs at your company, you can protect your interests against cybercrime, drive productivity in remote work, and boost the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts to ensure that your business thrives.