267 million Facebook profiles

The cybersecurity intelligence firm Cyble which is specialized in finding data breaches found that 267 million Facebook profiles data are being sold on the dark web for 500 Euros

Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, with more than 2.5 billion active users every month. Hence, we can quickly think that if the company of this size meets any data breach, then definitely everyone loses along with the company.

Few days ago, Cyble also reported about half a million Zoom accounts that are being sold on the dark web. Today is another one of those days when the personal data of millions of Facebook users is put at risk.

Facebook Data Involved

Security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered an open Elasticsearch database that contained more than 267 million Facebook identities and sold for only 500 Euros, with the majority being users in the United States.

267 million Facebook profiles

The hacked data that was sold in the dark web includes the Facebook profile links, full name, email address, phone numbers, age, date of birth, current status (active or not), gender, city, complete address, and much more.

Though the good news is that the data does not contain any passwords, but, still, the data that was enough for hackers to perform phishing or SMS attacks on victims simply to steal the credentials.

267 million Facebook profiles

Basically, the ISP hosting the database ended up taking the server offline just after it’s being contacted by the security research Diachenko.

However, soon after, a second server containing the same data and an additional 42 million identities were brought online but was quickly attacked by unknown hackers who left a message simply by telling the owners to protect their servers with proper security systems.

According to the reports, due to a misconfigured Elasticsearch server, the personal information of more than 267 million Facebook (267,140,436) users was exposed. And it seems that it’s the same database that is being sold by the hackers on the dark web.

Hence, to enhance the security of your account, the security firm recommends you to restrict your data through the social network giant Facebook’s privacy settings.

Moreover, the security firm, Cyble, has also stated that currently, they are monitoring the data at their dark web platform, and if you want to get access to it, then you can simply do so via AmIbreached.com.

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